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5 Crazy Bootcamp Workouts

5 Crazy Bootcamp Workouts

1 Team Game – Team Hurdles
1 Partner Challenge – Ladder Training
1 Finisher Drill – The Gradual Grind Down
1 Creative Circuit – Demon Dice
1 Team Challenge – Crazy Fool


Title: Team Hurdles

Equipment: Multiple markers, 2 calculators (optional but speeds things up)

Players: 6+

Time: 10 minutes

Aim: To hurdle over the opposing team and collect points.

Method: Split the group in two teams (equal ability where possible). Space out the markers as shown in the diagram. Team one will plank first and team two will hurdle first.

Round one: 1 minute 30 seconds

Team one: Players must face the marker in the plank position.

Team two: Players must run and jump over the opposing team. When players reach the end marker they are to sprint back to the start and repeat. Players record an individual point each time they get back to the start. When the time is up the team captain must add up all the points and the instructor records the score. Teams now switch rolls. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Round Two: 1 Minute 30 seconds

Same as above however this time, players in the plank must stand up on their hands and go down back in to the plank continuously until the time is up. This will make it even harder for the other players to jump over them.

TH Enjoy Your Five Free Unique Workouts


  • Players of lower ability are encouraged to plank on their knees.
  • Players must jump over the mid section and not the legs.
  • Set players off one at a time, once they have set off they can run continuously until the time is up


Title: Ladder Training Circuit

Equipment: 4 Markers

Players: 4+

Time: 30 minutes

Aim: Complete the circuit as quick as possible


Split the group in to pairs. Mark a 20 metre distance between two markers. Spread the group out in pairs across the start line (see diagram). To start: players take it in turns running out to the marker and performing a set exercise. Each team will be performing three separate exercises. Each exercise starts at 21 and works its way down to 3. Once the first exercise has been complete the team move on to the next exercise and so on.


  1. Press ups/2. Sit ups/3. squats

Player one: Runs out and performs 21 press ups and runs back

Player two: Runs out and performs 21 press ups and runs back

Players must knock off 3 repetitions each time they run out until eventually they reach 3 reps each. Once they have both reached the target they must move on to the next exercise and so on. Players waiting to run out should be given a set exercise to perform. This can change at the instructor’s discretion throughout the challenge. I would recommend giving an option between a light exercise and a moderate exercise. I.e. jogging on the spot or holding the plank.

Top tips

  1. Place a marker 10 metres to the rear of the starting point. Player that are waiting for their partner to return can perform shuttle sprints or any travelling exercise. Give the option. For beginners, have them jog on the spot whilst they wait.
  2. Place out two running markers, one for the low intensity group and one for the high.
  3. Modify exercises to suit ability level.

Ladder Training Circuit Enjoy Your Five Free Unique Workouts

The team that finish the task first will win.

The Fun Whistle (Doesn’t have to be a whistle, can be a certain word to suit the activity, i.e. ‘Piggy back’. Get the group to come up with the word)

  • The instructor can blow their whistle at any time during the challenge. When it is blown one team member must be piggy backed from one side of the marker to the other. All teams must start at the far end. The team that makes it in last must sprint to a set distance and back. All players must continue where they left off once they are safely back.


  • Players must high five when they change (slap hands in the air, right hand to right hand)
  • High intensity players should be given more advanced travelling exercises such as, burpee jump forward or broad jumps.
  • Players who finish first must perform partner sit ups after a short rest.


Title: The Gradual Grind Down

Equipment: None

Players: 1-30

Aim: Complete 4-6 rounds with a 20 second between rounds

Method: complete 20 seconds of each exercise without stopping.

Rest for 20 seconds between sets

Complete 4-6 Sets


  • Ensure correct form at all times
  • Modify the exercises  to suit all abilities


Title: Demon Dice

Equipment: 10 Dice, Six written out exercise cards, 8 spacer marker/cones, 3 small containers, lots of pennies, something for each team to roll the dice on, i.e. a clip board.

Time: 2 twelve minute half’s (I usually play a quick game at half time to break things up).

Players: 2+

Aim: To score as many points as possible by rolling the dice and completing the numbered exercise that matches the dice.

Method: Split the group in to two teams. Each team should have their own team marker and small container. The container for the pennies should be situated in the middle of the team markers.

Space out six markers each with its own exercise around 20 metres out (see diagram).  To start, Players (one by one) individually roll the dice; they must run to the exercise station that the dice lands on then complete a set amount of reps before returning and putting a penny (point) in to their own container.

Players repeat this process until the time expires. Just remember that individuals are rolling the dice for themselves and not for the rest of the team. If a player rolls the same number twice in a row on their second roll, they must sprint to a set point before continuing with the exercise.

How many reps?

Beginner/intermediate= 10 reps

Intermediate/advance = 15-20 reps

Demon Dice Enjoy Your Five Free Unique Workouts












  • For odd teams, the team with a missing player will nominate one person to put two coins in the container for each point to make up for the missing player.
  • Adjust the reps according to the fitness level of the group.
  • Players will want to blast through the exercises therefore correct form must be stressed from the start.


  1. First team to complete a certain number of sets wins. Each team would be given a set amount of coins (sets). The first team to deposit all coins in the instructor’s pot would win the challenge. To make things harder the pot could be moved away so that team members would have to run to deposit their coin.
  2. Pick exercises that focus on one part of the body. I.e. upper, lower or abs.


Title: Crazy fool

Equipment: 3 markers

Players: Multiple

Time: 7 minutes

Aim: To score as many points as possible

Method: Split the group in to two teams of equal ability. Space out three the markers (10 metres apart, see diagram).

To start: Players must perform 2 exercises (see below) before running out to the furthest markers and back again. Once the player gets back they count a point (individually) for their team. At any point during the challenge, the instructor can shout ‘CRAZY FOOL’. When this happens, players that get caught between the middle marker and the end marker must perform 10 repetitions of a set exercise before they can run return back.


  1. 20 Side twist with water bottle: From sitting, lean back slightly to engage the abs, keep feet of the floor. Grab the water bottle with both hands and touch each side of the floor (as far over as possible) repeatedly until all reps are complete. Moving the bottle from one side to the over counts as one repetition.
  2. 5 Sit up (any style)

CF Enjoy Your Five Free Unique Workouts


  • Any two words can replace ‘crazy Fool
  • Any two exercises can be used


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