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Five Great Reasons to Organize a Fitness Boot Camp NOW!

Five Great Reasons to Organize a Fitness Boot Camp NOW!

By Georgette Pann

Running a fitness boot camp is always a good idea. But it’s especially a good (and profitable!) idea right now.  Here are five reasons why you should get your next boot camp organized ASAP…

Reason 1. Increase Revenue Now Before the Summer Slow Down

Soon enough, your boot camp prospects are going to get wrapped up in their summer activities. They’re going to go on vacation, chauffeur the kids back and forth to summer activities and spend more time relaxing. They’ll spend less time thinking about fitness, which means you’ll experience the summer slow down.

And that’s why now is such a great time to organize your next boot camp.  It’s easy to get your prospect’s attention now (see Reason #3) – and you get the benefit of a nice boost to revenue.

Reason 2. You Can Run Theme Boot Camps 

Many of your clients are going to join your boot camps for specific reasons. For example, you may have a boatload of people who want to get their “beach bodies” back before the warmest weather rolls in.  And you may find your class filling with women who want to get in shape for their upcoming summer weddings or even a class reunion.

You can take advantage of these reasons by running theme-based boot camps, such as the “Boot Camp for Brides” or the “Beach Body Boot Camp
or ”Athletic Bootcamps


Reason 3. You Can Take Advantage of Your Clients’ Eagerness to Help Them Achieve Their Goals

As mentioned in Reason #2, many of your clients have very specific reasons for wanting to lose weight and get in shape.  If nothing else, many of your clients are looking forward to shedding their winter weight and getting active again.

The point is, these reasons make your clients very eager to get results.  They’re committed to the program and extremely motivated.  And that means your class will be full of clients who show up and happily do everything you tell them to do. 

So what happens? Your clients get results.  You look like a miracle worker. And that means you have satisfied customers who’ll come back and happily do business with you again and again!

Reason 4. Spring Fever Means Your Clients Want to Get Outside

Your clients have spent all winter staring at the walls while they’ve worked out on their treadmills and stair steppers. They have a touch of spring fever.  If they spend another day inside exercising, they’ll go crazy.

You see, your potential clients want to get outside to enjoy the fresh air and warm sunshine.  That means they can ride their bikes, walk, jog, swim… or join your boot camp! 

Reason 5. Your Class Has a Support System Built In

As a trainer, you know that one factor that contributes to your clients’ success is whether they have a support system in place.  That’s the beauty of a boot camp – it has a built-in support system, since your trainees can motivate one another and hold each other accountable.  And that means you’ve just increased the chances of your clients seeing fantastic results.

Bottom line: If your clients get results, they’re happy. And happy customers not only do repeat business, they tell their friends to join your classes, too!


Now is the perfect time to organize that boot camp.  Your clients are ready to get outside. They’re eager to see results. And all of this creates satisfied clients and a nice revenue boost for you!

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