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5 NEW done-for-you workouts that get RESULTS

5 NEW done-for-you workouts that get RESULTS

Workout #1
Dynamic Warm Ups – 50/10Squat to StandWarrior Lunge into Inverted Hamstring StretchPush Up to Glute Stretch

Spiderman Lunge w/ External Rotation

Seal Claps/Pogo Jumps/High Knees (15 seconds each)

60/15 Intervals – 2 round, 60 second break

1. KB Combo: KB DL/Double Hand Clean/Goblet Squat/Reverse Lunge

(NOTES: Grip the KB tight, neutral spine at all times/stay tall, big breath in the belly, stay upright on lunges, drive through heel)

2. Quadruped Sit Out

(NOTES: Start in start of bear crawl position and sit out, pack the shoulder down and back, core tight)

3. Sprint 40 yard shuttle + 10 Battling Rope Slams

(NOTES: Keep spine tall and core tight on ropes slams, powerful slams)

4. Single Arm TRX Row w/Guard

(NOTE: Keep the shoulder packed, no rotation, glutes tight, free arm in guard position, tall neck)

5. Push Ups (5 close grip, 5 shoulder width, 5 wide)(NOTE: Stay tall like someone is pulling you by a string on top of the head, pull yourself down with lats, glutes and core tight)6. OH Lunge Var. (Static, Reverse, Forward, Walking) – Dynaball/Plate(NOTES: Keep the shoulders packed, core tight, elbows locked out and behind the ears, brace core when going into lunge)7. Swiss Ball Plank or Stir the Pot/Swiss Ball V-Up

(NOTES; Glutes firing, push elbows into swiss ball, stay tall neutral spine)

8. Jamball Slams

(NOTES: Pick it up with deadlift hip hinge, slam with full body core tight, no rounding of the back)

9. Sandbag Carries

(NOTES: stay tall, bear hug sandbag to activate upper back, keep the sandbag and shoulder blades packed)


Squat Jumps x 10

NOTES: Staying in Squat Position waiting for coaches command to squat jump, everyone yells out number…keep the whole set around 2 minutes


Workout #2

Density Warm Up – 6 minutes

OH Squat w/ Pause x 10

Atlas Lunge x 5/side

Push Up to Calf/Hamstring Stretch x 10

Spiderman w/ Extension x 5/side

Glute Marching x 5/side

Total Body Strength: EDT- 7 minutes/station


Double KB Deadlift x 8

Push Up w/ 3 sec. negative x 8

Knee to Elbow x 8/side

(NOTE: On the deadlifts make sure you see a logo on the chest, tall spine, brace the abs, spread the floor with your feet and drive from the hips….Push Ups: Head on a string, glutes firing, upper back flat, knees locked out)


Single Leg Glute Bridges x 8/side

Broad Jumps x 8

Jamball Slams x 8

(NOTE: On glute bridges extend the knee and drive the glutes, feel like you’re pinching a quarter, while breathing through your belly……borad jumps, stick the landing and don’t let feet collapse, spread the floor…..)


Sandbag Lunge Var. x 8/side

TRX Rows x 8

Pallof Press x 8/side


Workout #3

Dynamic Warm Up – 50/10

Squat to Stand w/ External Rotation

90/90 OH Static Lunge

Side Lunge + Reach


Wideout Drops/High Knees/ Seal Claps (15 secs./each)

45/15 Intervals – 2 rounds, 60 second break

1. KB Deadlift

2. Push Up Var. (Progression: Spiderman Push Up)

3. Jamball Burpee (w/ 180 degreee turn and slam)

4. Broad Jumps

5. Knee to Elbow + Kick Out

6. Battling Ropes

7. TRX Rows (Progression: TRX Grappler Rows)

8. Mountain Climbers/Bear Crawls

9. Shuttle Sprints

Core Finisher:

Sprinter Sit Ups x 30 seconds

Plank Hold x 30 seconds

L-Sit Up + Reach x 30 seconds (switch half way)

Knee to Elbow x 30 seconds


Workout #4

Dynamic Warm Up – 6 minutes density

Quadruped Thoracic Extension (elbow behind head) x 5/side

Blackburns x 10

Frankenstein into Reverse Lunge x 5/side

Squat to Stand x 10

Glute Marching x 5/side

Full Body Strength – 6 minutes/station

Station 1

KB Deadlifts x 12

Burpees x 12

Staggered Single Arm DB Rows x 12/side

Station 2

DB Lunge Var. (Progression Walking Lunges) x 12/side

Kneeling Jamball Slams x 12

Push Up Var. x 12

Station 3

TRX Rows x 12

Sandbag Squats x 12

Skater Jumps x 12/side


Push Ups x 1 minute

Squat Jumps x 1 minute

Lunge Var. x 1 minute


Workout #5

Dynamic Warm Up – 50/10

Prisoner Squats w/ Pause

Staggered Single Leg RDL (Hip Hinge)

Spiderman Lunge w/ Thoracic Extension

Push Up/Downward Dog/Glute Stretch Sequence

High Knees/Wideout Drops/Highland Flings x 15 sec/each

20/10 Tabatas – 8 rounds/station (4 minutes/station)

1. KB Deadlift/KB Swings

Push Up Var.

2. Dynaball Slams


3. TRX RowsDB Thrusters

4. Battling Ropes

Lunge Var.

Finisher – 15/15 for 5 minutes (10 rounds), twice through each exercise

Mountain Climbers

Prisoner Squat Jumps

Push Ups


High Knees

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