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5 Tips to Ultimate Hybrid Metabolic Complexes

5 Tips to Ultimate Hybrid Metabolic Complexes

By Kate Vidulich


Do you want to accelerate your client results, and be the go-to small group training or bootcamp in your hood?


Of course you do.


What is the most cost effective way to get more awesome clients in your business?




Hybrid Metabolic Complexes (HMC) are awesome for advanced fat loss conditioning that will get your clients fast results – but it’s really important to structure the circuit correctly to be effective, get maximal calorie burn and skyrocket your conditioning.


Simply put, HMC is a series of exercises performed using the same resistance, without rest or putting the weight down between exercises. You perform all prescribed reps of one exercise before moving onto the next.


The idea is to do as much work as possible in a short time period, focusing on speed and density.


However, throwing together a bunch of shoddy exercises in any random order and calling it a “complex” is a complete waste of time. Plus, as a bonus, you run the risk of injuring your clients and looking like a moron.


Here are five tips on how to build a hybrid metabolic complex, and to help you help your clients get the most out of their conditioning sets in your workout.


5 Tips to Build the Ultimate Hybrid Metabolic Complexes


Tip #1: Pick the Right Exercises


Choose 3 + compound exercises that are varied and reflect big movement patterns.


– Squat

– Deadlift

– Lunge/Step

– Pull

– Push

– Total body power moves (cleans, snatch)


Isolated exercises, like bicep curls and tricep kickbacks have no place in a hybrid metabolic complex. It’s a waste of time.


Tip #2: Order the Exercises Correctly


Getting this right is critical to the success of your complex.


– Consider the skill level of the exercise: Higher skilled moves (like overhead squat, cleans) go first. Don’t think including more higher skilled exercises will make your complex more effective. You need to use full range to create a metabolic effect.


– Non-competing order: Arrange the exercises in non-competing order, meaning you hit opposing muscle groups. The reason for this is simple: while you’re using one muscle group the other is resting.


– Flow and transitions: make sure this is spot on. A deadlift to bent over row is smooth. But a back squat to a floor press is disastrous and will kill the flow.


Tip #3: Choose the Right Weight


This is key – choose a weight that you can press overhead for 10-12 reps. This movement is usually the weakest.


Remember, it’s not a strength stimulus. The idea is to create a metabolic conditioning effect. So if you go too heavy, it will totally suck and form will be compromised.


If you’re unsure how heavy to lift, be conservative and start lighter.


Tip #4: Partner Up Clients With Similar Skill Level


You can save time and make your conditioning session run more efficiently with this structured set up. While one person is working, the other is resting. No timer necessary…


Tip #5: “No Fear” Attitude


Always bring your “A” game, and pump up your clients to boost their intensity. This is the game changer. You know, like the secret ingredient in Grandma’s finest cupcakes…


As you can imagine, this style of training is not for the faint hearted. It’s tough. It’s challenging. And so your clients need to be pumped for the challenge.


Now you’re all set and ready to rock Hybrid Metabolic Complexes.  Not only will this boost metabolism and skyrocket conditioning levels, but it’s a fun way to add a challenge and accelerate fat loss results.


Fat Loss Accelerators is the ultimate package of done-for-you hybrid metabolic complexes you can use with your partner sessions, small groups and boot camps.  


This unique style of training will make you the talk of the town, get your clients addicted and keep a steady flow of referrals coming in the door. Your clients will get sexy results and become your walking billboards.


Try these Fat Loss Accelerators workouts with your small groups and boot camps.  

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 Rock on! 

Kate Vidulich, BSc, ACSM-HFS, CTT

Author of the Fat Loss Accelerators System




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