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51 Reasons to Stop Doing Cardio in Your Bootcamps

51 Reasons to Stop Doing Cardio in Your Bootcamps

Mike Whitfield, CTT

Author, Workout Finishers 2.0 System


Looking back at my years as a fitness trainer and bootcamp coach, it’s really fun to see how far bootcamps have come along. But unfortunately, some things haven’t changed.


It’s almost like we’re programmed as bootcamp coaches to do this standard bootcamp workout:






The last one is the most boring form of “working out” there is.  It’s no wonder people drop out of bootcamps after just a few weeks or less. I enjoy working out, but to run around in laps over and over or even run in place afterwards? YAWN.


We’re better than that. YOU’RE better than that.


In the 2000’s, interval training took the world by storm. We found out it was better than long, boring cardio. It certainly works, but how do we incorporate interval training with our clients if we don’t have access to treadmills or ellipticals OR…


… what if there was something better and even faster?


The truth is that there is. When you use what’s called a “Workout Finisher”, you’ll get the same results as interval training, but there’s also more benefits for your clients. For one thing, you’ll replace ANY and ALL cardio with these finishers so your campers will never be bored. But they also get these benefits:


–       Better and faster results (you’re working more muscle than traditional interval training and certainly more muscle than cardio)

–       Improved function with every day activities

       They are about 300% MORE fun


Let’s face it. If your clients and campers are bored, they are out the door. That’s where finishers can come in and give your workouts a “WOW!” factor. The set and rep schemes are crazy. But your campers LOVE crazy.


So, instead of the boring old 1980’s cardio, replace your workout grand finale with a finisher and easily get more clients just from your WOW! Workouts. Let’s do one…


This is the Burpee Gauntlet Finisher:



Now that’s how you have fun with your campers and get them results. They’ll come back for more. Trust me. This was my only marketing! 🙂


To your success,

Mike Whitfield

Creator, Workout Finishers 2.0

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