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8 Body Weight Exercises You MUST Do in Your Bootcamps

8 BW Exercises you MUST do in your bootcamps


Everyone wants to be leaner, stronger, and have fully defined abs. Me too. So I figured I’d give my friend Jason Klein’s The Marine Body workouts a go.

It’s based on the science of Turbine Fat LossThe basis of the program is centered on increasing lean muscle, increasing metabolism and increasing hormones that have a direct impact on our fat storage and lean muscle growth, dopamine and cortisol being two of them. (And yes, women do need healthy testosterone levels, too).

The best part of the workout is that it’s SHORT (that’s part of the secret to avoiding raises in cortisol). And thank goodness for that. It means that you can really PUSH yourself for the short amount of time it takes to work the fat burning magic of Turbine Fat Loss– which is like Afterburn on steroids.

I figured I’d give you my favorite exercises and workout of The Marine Body:

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Turbine #16 – Upper Body Dominant

Note: All exercises, 45 seconds work/ 15 seconds rest in-between sets


1) Superman + Push Up



2-second hold for Superman, and then perform a complete push up.
2) Prone Iso-Ab Hold

-Squeeze Glutes and Core
3) Mount-Ab Climber

-In plank position, drive the knees out to the side and touch the elbow, alternate. 
4) Heel Push

-Squeeze Glutes Hard, hips towards the ceiling.
1) Stick em Up

-Lean against the wall.
-Elbows and fingers do not come off of the wall. 
-Slide up as high as possible, then squeeze elbows toward the ribs. 

2) Close Grip Push Up

-Elbows stay close to the ribs.
3) Inward intention push up


4) Plank

-Squeeze Glutes and Core



 The Marine Body 

These are just 8 of my favorite exercises that you can grab right now at a fraction of the price off… but only until the 1,000th copy is sold!

Get all of Jason’s workouts here <== Click Here to see


I originally designed the program as part of my Master’s thesis and in conjunction to my tenure as a fitness instructor for the United States Marine Corps.

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CLICK HERE==>The Marine Body, over 50% OFF! (Only 1,000 copies)



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