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A Fat Melting Workout for your Bootcampers

A Fat Melting Workout for your Bootcampers

by Paul Mort

As you know, I’m as passionate about giving you tips on training and programming as I am about dishing out business and marketing advice so today I thought I’d just put out a really simple post and a killer workout your clients will love.I LOVE designing bootcamp workouts as much as I love delivering them. 

Unlike most other of the gurus I still ADORE training people in groups and I NEVER where camo-gear or a whistle

The energy in our sessions is amazing and is usually the highlight of my day if I’m brutally honest with you 

I’d much rather outsource admin and stuff rather than outsource the reason I got into the industry- TO GET PEOPLE RESULTS. 

Anyway, this session is VERY simple but VERY tough. ( I’d normally teach this is week 3 of our 4 week camp, on the odd occasion I might shoot for end of week 2)Music from bootcampbeats is a must for this as it makes it REALLY high energy and your clients will get uber-pumped training alongside this tunage. 

Oh and you literally plug it in, demo the exericses, press play and then MOTIAVTE and INSPIRE people. NO STOPWATCH to worry about.
I’m excited just writing about it 

I’m currently using OSLO 45/15 from the latest release – bootcamp beats 03, that was just released yesterday.
It’s a pretty simple super-set using mostly non-competing muscle groups, I press PLAY on my iphone and just let it run. 

I did actually shoot a video for this for you but it went terribly wrong so i’ll hopefully get that to you tomorrow!
Here’s your ‘Beautiful Monster’ workout 45 secs of exercise 1, 15 secs rest
45 secs of exercise 2, 15 secs rest 

Repeat for 3 rounds then move onto next pairing. 

Round 1
1. Deep Bodyweight Squats
2. Full Push Ups

Round 2
1.Reaching Lateral Lunge
2.Renagade Row
REPEAT FOR 3 ROUNDS (extra rest here- don’t worry the music takes care of this for you) 

Round 3
1. High Knee Sprint
2. Side Plank (swap side on ‘half way there’)

Round 4
1. Power Jacks
2. 1 Legged Hip Bridge
Repeat for 3 rounds 

‘Plurpee’ Finisher
(I change the music to London 50/10 at this point)
50 secs burpees, 10 secs rest
50 secs plank, 10 secs rest x 3 

So there you have it, a killer workout, ZERO kit apart from a stereo and an Ipod/iphone loaded with bootcamp beats and you’re good to go! 

Please let me know how you got on! 

PaulPS- again, this work out is at least 10000000000 x better with music!BoootcampMusic 

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