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A Great Workout Using The Stability Ball

A fitness program at its very core really only consists of 2 factors. The 1st is to raise the heart rate to improve your cardiovascular system. The 2nd is to train the major muscle groups to strengthen bone and muscle. But people are looking for more specific results. One goal that the majority or people are looking for is great looking abdominal muscles. One of the most effective pieces of equipment for shaping the abs is the exercise ball.

You can work all your muscle groups exercising on the exercise ball. With every exercise that you perform using the exercise ball will in some way work your core (abs, oblique’s, lower back, etc.) Hence the reason why I chose to write an article on exercise ball workouts.

The 3 important steps in achieving cut looking abs are diet, fat loss and proper strength training. Diet is outside the scope of this article so the focus is on weight loss exercises and abs exercises. Scientist have proven that exercising with resistance combine with interval training is the quickest way to loss fat for either men and women. These are workouts that are high intensity for a shorter amount of time. Since the intensity is so high you will not be able to perform these exercises daily. It is vital that you take a day’s rest in between workouts.

Are goal is to elevate the heart rate for the duration of the workout and work every the major muscles groups by doing compound exercises (exercises that span over multiple joints). One of the easiest methods to do this is through a circuit. We are basically going to go through a series of intense exercises with little rest with every exercise using the Exercise Ball to put more emphasis on your abs. Once we complete the circuit we will take a breather for two minutes and begin the circuit for an additional two sets. Make sure that you have weight so you can only complete ten to twelve reps.

On rest days light cardiovascular training is still permitted. This will increase blood flow to the muscle for faster recovery while burning more calories. Stretching is also important and can be done on these days. Make sure that before you begin exercising that you warm up and that a good cool down is done when you are done with the routine.

Here is the fat burning exercise ball workout:
Squat with Exercise Ball
Chest Press with Exercise Ball
Shoulder Press using Exercise Ball
Dumb Bell Bent Over Rows
Incline Biceps Curl on Exercise Ball
French Curls using Exercise Ball
Pike Using on Exercise Ball (front, right side, left side)
Hyper Extension with Exercise Ball
Crunches on Exercise Ball

I hope you enjoyed the article. If you would like instructions on how to do these exercises visit Exercise Ball Exercises. Another resource is the Ab Ball site. Thank for reading and I wich you the greatest success.

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