ACSM’s Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2012

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ACSM’s Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2012

For the 6th consecutive year, this survey has embraced previous trends and relegated those trends that have lost interest to the category of “fad, crazes, and rages.” And hopefully, this will help you and your business to focus on what will help you to grow.

Below, in order, is the list of what’s in: Educated, certified, and experienced fitness professionals Ā Strength training Fitness programs for older adults Exercise and weight loss Children and obesity Personal training Core training Group personal training Zumba and other dance workouts Functional fitness Yoga Comprehensive health promotion programming at the worksite Boot camp Outdoor activities Reaching new markets Spinning Sport-specific training Worker incentive programs Wellness coaching Physician referrals

What’s out?

Pilates, which suggest it may have been a fad instead of a trend; balance training; unmonitored fitness centers such as 24 hour facilities where the staff only work “normal” hours. This trend actually fell in last on the potential list of 37 trends.


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