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Advanced Kettlebell Combinations and Complexes

                               Advanced Kettlebell Combinations and Complexes

by Dave Randolph



Workout 1

Kb snatch R–>overhead squat R–> overhead reverse lunge R

Kb snatch L–> Overhead squat L–> overhead reverse lunge L

Do one cycle on the R, then one cycle on the left. Repeat until you have done 5 cycles per side then rest.

Do a total of 5 sets per side

Do 5 cycles on the right then 5 on the left, then rest. That is 1 set

Stay  on the lighter side on the latter

Do 5 sets of 5 (5×5)

The difference is you will develop more fatigue in the latter scheme since you must do 5 reps before switching arms or resting



Workout 2

Kb snatch R–>Windmill R–>Reverse GetUp R, come back up, and repeat on the left. That is one cycle.

Do 5 cycles 5 times (5×5)

A reverse getup is going from standing to the floor and back up


Workout 3

Kb dead clean R–> Front squat R–> strict Press R (not a thruster)

KB Dead Clean L–>Front squat L–> strict Press L (not a thruster)

Do one rep of the clean, do a front squat, then stand and press all on the right. Switch hands and repeat on the left

Continuous flow for 5 minutes

Do one dead clean, one front squat, and then one press 5 times on the right

Do one dead clean, one front squat, and then one press 5 times on the left


Do 5 sets total

Do 5 dead cleans, then 5 front squats, then 5 presses without resting or setting the bell down. Repeat on the left. Then rest

Do 5×5


Workout 4

Pushup–>Renegade Row r/l–>Double dead clean

The first week do 3×5, 2nd week 4×5, 3rd week 5×5

Do one pushup,  one row on each side from the pushup position with hands on the bells, then jump the feet forward to straddle the bells and do a double dead clean. Place the bells back on the floor, jump back to pushup position with your hands on the bells and repeat.

Options after the double dead clean:

Double front squat. Double Press, Double Push press, double jerk.

Or instead of doing double cleans do double snatches, double sumo squats, double sumo RDLs

The difference in the last two is the hip angle; drop the hips down as in a squat for the double sumo squat and hinge the hips back for the double sumo RDL


These are all advanced combinations and complexes. If your clients don’t have good shoulder mobility they shouldn’t be doing much overhead work. Make sure you know how to correctly perform and teach the individual movements (snatch, dead clean, TGU, etc)



Dave Randolph is Author of many workout books including programs for Fitness Pros

101 Conditioning Circuits:30 Minute Done-For-You Conditioning Circuits For Fitness Pros

and Sparatan Warrior Challenge for Men– Rebrandable 6 Week Challenge for Fit Pros





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