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An Easy Way of Increasing Bootcamp Results

An Easy Way of Increasing Bootcamp Results

Rick Kaselj, MS

What bootcamp instructor is not looking at getting better result for their campers?

Let me share with you something that most bootcamp instructors are avoiding which is affecting the results their clients are getting.  This is addressing muscle imbalances.

Missing Piece to Maximal Results

Muscle imbalances are when the ideal length of a muscle changes which leads to a change in the force put on a joint.  This change in force affects ones movement, performance and injury risk.

Most people have muscle imbalances but it is worse for people that sit, drive and do the same movements over and over again. 

3 Ways Muscle Imbalances Can Help Get Results

This is how addressing muscle imbalances can help your campers:

#1)  Faster Recovery

If your campers can recover for the next workout faster, they will feel more refreshed, be able to go harder and get better results.  It is that simple.

#2)  Bust Through Fitness Plateaus

Addressing muscle imbalances, allows the body to move more efficient and through fuller ranges of motion which leads to better fitness results.  For those in a fitness plateau, it is the key to put them to the next level.

#3)  Injury-free

It is common that a boot campers has to take a break or decrease how hard they can go because of aches, pains and lingering injuries.  Many times the cause of these problems are muscle imbalances especially if the injury is in the knees.

#4)  Added Value

It is something that sets you apart from other fitness options.  You can create a little muscle imbalance prevention routine that your camper can do after class or do before they go to bed so they can recover faster, bust through fitness plateaus, prevent injuries and get better results.

Now I am not talking about a huge 2 hour program, you can easily create an 8 minute routine that new campers get, that they can do at home to get better results from the bootcamp class.  It can be an extension of the bootcamp class and expands the class into more of their day and lifestyle.

Muscle imbalances are something that bootcamp instructors need to know about and address.  Addressing them will help your bootcampers recover faster from classes, bust through fitness plateaus and stay injury free.  Adding in a program that they can do at home expands your bootcamp experience and will keep them as campers for longer.

Rick Kaselj is a personal trainer that focuses on helping his clients overcome injuries using exercise.  He shares his tips and tricks with trainers, coaches and therapists in his Muscle Imbalances Revealed Program.

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