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Are you using this POWERFUL Boot Camp Workout Template?

Are you using this POWERFUL Boot Camp Workout Template?


Here’s a template that I’ve found works great for structuring my boot camp workouts.

It’s awesome because it ensures a proper warm up, allows me to teach my clients new exercises and help them refine their technique (so they don’t hurt themselves – KEY point to keeping your boot camps ful), and – Get them a “great workout” – which, let’s face it – is what most people not only want, but think they need, right?

So here it is:

1. Warm up: Mobility work – 5-10 minutes

2. Technique: Pick one exercise to introduce or work on (if you used kettlebells – you should – you could work on your Swing set up, or focus on packing your shoulder on the Get Up, etc…) – 10 to 15 minutes

3. Strength Work: This is usually lower rep work, but can be done in a density manner (as much work in a defined time period). – 10 to 15 minutes

4. MetCon: This is where you get the heart rate up. The harder this is, the less technical it should be. If you’re using kettlebells, this should be the Swing. – 10 to 15 minutes. (I think shorter is better here, because you can go harder.)

5. Cool Down: This should be obvious – but some stretching or more mobility work. – 5-10 minutes

Obviously there’s some leeway here based on the length of your boot camp sessions since most are about an hour.

“Hey Georgette, this looks great but can you provide some details please?” Ok, I hear you – let’s flesh this out a bit.

Instead of just a “workout” here’s a sample kettlebell program for you

– The Strength and MetCon part.

Basic Training 2 – The SFG/RKC 6

The major kettlebell certs base their kettlebell workouts on 6 basic exercises (The Big 6)

– The Swing, the Get Up, the Goblet/Front Squat, the Clean, the Press, and the Snatch.

Here’s a program that will not only help you practice them, but get you leaner and stronger in the process.

Day 1:

A1. Swing, sets of 10-20

A2. Get Up, sets of 1-3

Day 2:
A1. Clean, sets of 5

A2. Press, sets of 3-5

Day 3:
A1. Front Squat, sets of 5

A2. Snatch, sets of 10

• Use moderate sized kettlebells

Perform on non-consecutive days, like Monday, Wednesday, Friday

• Perform for 20 minutes each session.

• Do as much high quality work as possible in those 20 minutes.

• Rest as necessary between sets

• Perform for 4-8 weeks then switch to another program

You simply do this during segments 3 & 4 of the template I showed you.

“Yeah, but what about the ‘cardio’? My campers love that feeling of being challenged and sweating and huffing and puffing…

“Use the “you-go-I-go” method.

Partner them up.

While one person is working, the other person is resting. This keeps rest periods short, heart rates up, and talking and time-wasting to a minimum. 🙂

There’s enough variety in that program to keep campers from getting bored. And with the “you-go-I-go” method, they’ll be able to do more and more and more work each week. And as they do, they’ll watch the fat peel off and they’ll think you’re a genius.

That of course means more referrals for you


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