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Are Your Clients At Risk For These Metabolic Disasters?

Are Your Clients At Risk For These Metabolic Disasters?

The holidays are coming, Friday comes around every 6 days and I can guarantee that every single year your clients will celebrate a birthday… with cake and icing.

Now before you go all military on your clients and banish their favorite foods for the holiday season, weekends and birthdays try out these 5 simple nutrition tweaks my friend Lori wrote about in her newest article = = > 5 Simple Nutrition Tweaks To Get Clients To Lose Fat Faster

I asked Lori to go a little deeper into the 5 simple tweaks she wrote about. I’ll let her take it from here since she is the metabolism whisperer…

Hi, I’m Lori. Welcome to my world of food, fat and flatulence… on a serious note I’m here to give you a stern warning. Your clients are confusion, overwhelmed and lack the confidence to make the right nutrition choices. They are looking to YOU for guidance and clarity.

How many times have you heard “I can’t lose weight, I have a slow metabolism” What about “I feel so bloated all the time” or “I don’t know why I’m not losing weight I eat so healthy”.

Those phrases are lies… they are the truth according to your clients but the cold hard truth is that your clients (and maybe even YOU too) are at risk for a metabolic disaster.

Because you think your choices are healthy but in fact you are paying attention to the wrong things… It all comes down to 5 simple tweaks that will:

  1. Increase testosterone levels – low testosterone levels in both women and men has been proven to increase body fat and insulin insensitivity (and low testosterone equals low sex drive = BAD for business).
  2. Heal indigestion, acid reflux, bloating (and farting in public) – digestive system issues must be remedied immediately. Low levels of good bacteria in the gut create a hormonal disruption to the secretion of ghrelin causing your clients to feel hungry again immediately after eating.
  3. Help your clients to feel happy, relaxed and at ease. Just read tweak number # 3… it’s controversial but I don’t care.
  4. Solve your weight loss profit problem cause right now as you read this weight loss dollars are being spent elsewhere. Your clients are buying into some yo-yo fad pill or another quick fix scam that will wreak havoc on their metabolism and crush their self-esteem.

The next time your client whines to you about their metabolism or asks why they aren’t losing weight you will have 5 simple tips to give them that will provide instant results… making you the newest metabolism whisperer.

Go read my article now = = > The 5 Simple Nutrition Tweaks To Get Clients To Lose Fat Faster

Talk to you soon,

Lori Kennedy RHN
AKA the metabolism whisperer 

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