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Automate your boot camp class with music

Automate your boot camp class with music.

Are you finding it hard to watch your clients whilst they workout, keeping an eye on the timer and shout out how long is left on the workout or the rest?

It is hard isn’t it? Your job as an instructor, is to ensure that not only all exercises are being done safely and effectively but also that your participants are pushing themselves and motivate them when they are not. Distractions such as counting down to the exercise or watching how long is left on the timer distracts you from your job and does not help to motivate your clients.

This is where automated music can make your job so much easier. Let’s look at the benefits:

1. Countdown to begin the workout. The music counts your participants into their interval. So no surprises when you shout go, there are no excuses of not realising the workout is about to begin and no time wasted. This frees you up from clicking on your stop watch and you can watch your participants from the word go.

2. The participants know how long they have to go and so do you. This gives them extra motivation to complete the workout. Prompts from the music of 10 seconds remaining can help participants to push themselves that little bit harder.

3. No checking your stop watch. Automated music means no more checking your stop watch for time and no whistle blowing to stop the workouts. This frees you up to completely concentrate on your client’s workout. Gives you a chance to give uninterrupted motivational help and to ensure clients are using the correct techniques and working to the best of their ability.

4. Rest times. Automated music also lets your participants know their rest time and the countdown to the next interval, giving them time to prepare and recover for the next exercise.

5. The music is motivational. Music helps people both psychologically and physiologically to push themselves an extra 10% in their workouts, meaning a benefit to both you and the participants.

Isn’t it time you chose automated music for your boot camp?

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