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Automate your Boot Camp Workouts with Body Rocker HIIT music

Automate your Boot Camp Workouts with Body Rocker HIIT music

guest post by Richard Westwood

I hope your New Year is off to a great start and you are as excited as I am to be sharing a brand new interval music workout system with my good friend Georgette. Her input and experience from the world of fitness boot camps has help me to hone in on how we could make group interval training more productive and rewarding for your boot campers and personal training clients.


Let us introduce to you Body Rocker Fitness Workout Music!


 Image for free track

The Body Rocker Workout Music Tracks have been specially created to provide you with a collection of fully automated, high quality license free audio workout tracks.


You can choose from various interval-based set-ups ranging from less intense to more intense and there is a wide selection of music genres for you to choose from. If you work in the fitness industry as a Boot Camp owner, Personal Trainer and/or Group Fitness Instructor then the Body Rocker Workout Tracks will add increased value and service to your fitness business.

BRF Workout Tracks will take you fitness sessions to a whole new level!


Try it for yourself, download a FREE workout track and give a whirl, I guarantee by the new of your workout the penny will drop and there will be no stopping you and your fitness business in 2013!




Richard Westwood

Head Body Rocker

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