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Beachbody Virtual Fitness Program Teleseminar

Beachbody is introducing a whole new concept in fitness and weight loss that is all about helping people get results at home. For Fitness Professionals, we bring a new business concept that can enhance your current business or career, and help you launch a much larger base of clients across the country. This is not a typical “job”, but an independent coaching opportunity that may offer you the flexibility to earn a great income without the hourly expectations of working for someone else.

What I hear when I talk to people who love working in the fitness industry is that they want to earn an income that pays beyond the “hourly rate” of personal training and group classes. What’s exciting is we’re offering a new approach.

Beachbody has designed a model of business that let’s fitness professionals do what they love, without being locking into hourly appointments; and build a team that generates a weekly income far beyond what they could earn in a gym setting. The Virtual Coaching concept is unique and no one has perfected it like Beachbody. Add to that the thousands of customers we connect to Coaches through our 90 million dollar television campaign, and we have a match made for success!

Our vision is simple and shared with almost every fitness enthusiast across the country. We want to change the trend of obesity and move to an American lifestyle of fitness. We have proven that people succeed when we make fitness fun, easy, and affordable. If you want to get a feel for our programs, products, success stories, and vision.

Please visit my coaching website at:

I would love to welcome you as a Coach on our team, and personally show you how you can build multiple streams of income doing what you love! Please Join Tom Perkins and I Thurs. Aug 28 at 2 PM EST http://instantteleseminar.com/?eventid=4059435

It would be great to know what you think, and talk more about this possibly being a fit for you.Send us your questions here: http://instantteleseminar.com/?eventid=4059435

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