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Becoming the Business to Business Wellness/Fitness Leader in Your Community

Becoming the Business to Business Wellness/Fitness Leader in Your Community

Inside this special report… Greg Justice shares key information that defines the critical differentiation necessary to set you apart from other wanna-be trainers and lifts you to heights that will take your fitness business straight to a new 5 figure corporate account and profit center.

Business Leaders talk to each other

They are the movers and shakers in your community who know all the other movers and shakers – their word of approval and their referrals carry a lot of weight.   Learn how to maneuver among them.

Business Leaders understand and respect leadership

Become the Business to Business Wellness/Fitness Leader in your community.  Here’s how…

Business Leaders belong to groups that support and increase their business

Learn how to identify these groups, network with them, and stand out as an expert and leader to trust.  The old cliché is true: “it’s not what you know, but who you know”.

Why the time for on-site workplace fitness is NOW

Times are always changing, nothing stays static for long.  From dire headlines about chronic illness to changes in health care awareness, the response from our industry is crucial to the health of the world now.

The major differences between corporate boot camps & regular boot camps

These major differences make all the difference in keeping or losing your corporate accounts.

The benefits of joining Greg Justice’s Corporate Boot Camp System

Greg’s step by step guidance to your 5 figure corporate accounts is only the beginning of what he offers.


Do YOU have the right stuff to become the Business to Business Wellness/Fitness Leader in your community?  Discover how to join the ranks of the business leaders and experts in your community, then decide if you want what Greg Justice’s Corporate Boot Camp System offers you.



Business Leaders talk to each other

Successful business leaders don’t just fall from the sky and they aren’t born that way.  They have put in the time and money, the blood, sweat, and tears to get where they are today.  At times they have succeeded massively and at other times failed miserably.  They have paid a price for their efforts that most people in the world prefer not to pay.

They are not content to sit on their laurels of past successes.  They always have another project, another goal, another vision, another purpose, another thought, or another opportunity.  “Big” and “Next” are a way of life for successful business leaders.  It’s part of who they are and how they got where they are.  Most people in the world don’t comprehend “Big” and “Next” anywhere near the capacity of a business leader.

It’s easy to identify business leaders in a community.  They are the ones with the busiest schedules who seem to always have a few minutes to share with others who think alike, or not, and want to run something by them.  They are the ones active behind all the scenes and in front of only a few.  They are the ones who give their word and keep it, even if only through delegation.  They empower, motivate, and coach.

They live and die by long term planning and split second decisions, sometimes simultaneously.  They know where they are going, even in the dark.  They know without a doubt that they can scale the highest mountain and survive the deepest, darkest ravines.

They are surrounded by people who have bought into their vision for their company and are working toward both common and uncommon goals.  All paths in their lives are leading the same direction, though coming from different directions and orchestrated to merge (hopefully) successfully at a pre-determined finish line.

Business leaders move in the same circles within their communities locally and their industries globally. Their lives become intertwined in many areas such as philanthropy, public relations, joint ventures, events and fundraisers, even in politics, church, and school.  They meet each other at these events and share their thoughts, get feedback and recommendations.  They talk to each other about things and people that work for them, and that haven’t worked for them.  They live their reality, they set examples and standards.

Business leaders are first and foremost human beings, with human bodies that need regular exercise, stress reduction, and proper nutrition just the same as the rest of us.  The one really big difference is that they are in a position to provide this wellness package to a large group of people.  When they provide this service to their employees, they also help their business grow.

They know “wellness” is a hot topic, a necessary business expense that will help them save money and increase profits.  Most of them don’t include on-site exercise in their wellness programs, and many don’t make the time for wellness in their own lives.  When you show them how and help them succeed, they will recommend you.  No doubt there!



Business Leaders understand and respect leadership

Business leaders are also surrounded by flesh-eating, fire-breathing competition, many of whom know and respect each other, even if at a distance!  They watch to see what works, what doesn’t, what helps, what doesn’t.  They are always learning and growing.

Not all business leaders lead the same way.  Not all business leaders lead well.  But all business leaders are leading someone and something.  And all business leaders have the opportunity to do things differently each and every day.  They must be nimble and quick to respond.

The process of leadership is not an easy task for some and it comes very naturally to others.  By definition, leadership is the process by which a person influences, guides, or directs others to accomplish an objective or a common goal.  Leaders are nurtured by mentors and nurture others.

If you are a leader in your chosen field and you lead well, you will automatically have a certain level of respect from others who are leaders in their chosen fields and lead well.  They understand what it takes to attain that level of leadership and maintain a leadership role.  They respect that drive, perseverance, and the moxie it takes.  They know that they know what they know and most of them know that they don’t know what you know.

What they want to know is how ‘what you know’ can benefit them and their business.  They want to know that you can do what you say you can do.  They want to believe in you.  If you deliver the goods, you win their respect.

To become a Business to Business Wellness/Fitness Leader you need education, practical experience, and the tools necessary to add to your already vast repertoire of Personal Training skills.  Then you must build your business, increase your following, and develop your niche to its maximum.  You can do all of these within the framework of your community…and with Greg Justice’s Corporate Boot Camp System.

Business Leaders belong to groups that support & increase their business

From the Chamber of Commerce to Industry Trade Associations, to fraternities and clubs, committees and board of directors, business leaders are involved and sought out at every turn.  When you become a part of key groups in your community you increase your business and personal exposure and multiply the opportunities available to you.

If you want honey, go where the bees are…or to a place that got the honey where the bees are.

Success is contagious – you’ve got to be around people who have it to get it.  Go where they go and do what they do.  It’s called networking.  It works.

Why the time for on-site workplace fitness is NOW

Greg Justice’s Corporate Boot Camp System offers THE VERY BEST approach and implementation to Corporate Wellness success.  This #1 on-site workplace fitness program removes all barriers to exercise and generates motivation and participation by working people who would otherwise not meet their body’s daily exercise requirements.

Regular exercise is one of the body’s most primary needs, the lack of which contributes to 70% of the deaths each day in America.  It is one of the most misunderstood and taken-for-granted activities in the world.  You know this, but you must communicate it…70% of deaths each day could be prevented.

As the Corporate Boot Camp becomes more common in the workplace, a definite shift in preventable deaths will be noticeable in all data, across all categories.  With the headlines screaming daily about the sorry state of health in America, the move away from managed care of preventable chronic illness to proactive prevention will include on-site workplace fitness programs for these simple reasons:

On-Site Workplace Fitness…

Overcomes the Three Most Common Barriers to Exercise – Time, Money and Location

Timely – No time taken from work, family, or social life, removing the #1 barrier/excuse for exercise.

Convenient – 30 minute full body workout sessions fit into everybody’s schedule, during the work day, no travel required, no workplace interruption.

Motivating – Peer support, group enthusiasm, and healthy peer competition energize the employees to participate consistently and finish strong every day.

Scientific Evidence-Based – Creating muscle confusion at each individual’s maximum intensity with the added psychological benefit of audio interval cuing, and using high intensity interval training in circuits that progress the moves, healthy results are guaranteed.

Effective at Every Fitness Level – From de-conditioned novice to fit athlete, Greg Justice’s Corporate Boot Camp System moves the Corporate Wellness program into overdrive with participation and results.

Workplace Wellness Involvement – Providing the opportunity for involvement along with education and information increases the likelihood of participation, this, in turn increases healthy results for both employees and businesses.

When combined with proper nutrition, the on-site workplace exercise program completes the two key elements to a successful rate of return on investment which every business that implements a wellness program is seeking.   It is fun, and it works.

The major differences between corporate boot camps & regular boot camps

The Paying Client

– Regular boot camp clients pay from their own pockets. They have to budget and assess the value of what they are getting and what else they want. Sometimes your boot camp is competing with mortgage payments and utility bills, sometimes with vacations and family member needs. The personal budget is usually a lot tighter than a corporate budget.


– The corporate client who values wellness will pay part or all of the boot camp fees.  They have a budget for employee programs and benefits.    The corporate client has some government and insurance perks that they can realize if they establish a program.  A tipping point for the corporate client is how well you show the value, in bottom line dollars that corporations reap from their boot camps.


– Most of our corporate accounts have an agreement where the company will pay for the program when the employee achieves measurable results – if the employee doesn’t achieve measurable results, or doesn’t show up, the employee must pay for it.


The Exercising Client

 – Regular boot camp clients are just exercising for themselves, usually. They know what they want to achieve and they are working toward a fitness goal. They made the decision to join your boot camp based on their individual needs and their knowledge of those needs, as well as their desire to meet those needs.


– The corporate exercising client on the other hand, has usually been given a choice. If they join the boot camp, there is usually a reduction in their insurance premiums or co-pay.  They realize that their company values a healthy workforce, and they may feel that they have in a sense, been given an implied ultimatum. The company they work for is aware of poor lifestyle choices and poor health, and this company wants change.


– The company has taken a stand in favor of a healthier workplace and healthier employees. The employee has the choice to participate. If they see everyone else around them getting in better shape, having better health, better attendance, less tardiness, and more productivity… they may feel that they won’t “fit in” anymore, and they may even perceive their chance of promotion fading if they don’t get with the program.


– There is definitely more pressure for the corporate exerciser to participate than a regular boot camper. Their reasons for participating are different than regular boot campers. There are front line workers, management personnel, telemarketers, sales people, and janitors…all working together. It’s more personal than a regular boot camp because they see each other more frequently outside the boot camp setting.  They develop deeper relationships of camaraderie, friendly competition, enthusiasm and support for their fellow boot campers.


The Environment

– Regular boot camp clients can be as noisy as they want. There’s lots of whooping and hollering and a more boisterous atmosphere. They may wander in 15 minutes early and stay another 15 minutes or a half hour longer, talking with others or with you. These programs run 45 minutes, and hour, sometimes they last 2 hours. These people are more in a social frame of mind.


– Corporate boot camps must be quieter because others are still working, concentrating, talking on the phone just around the corner. These clients need to be in and out in a half hour. They usually have one hour for lunch – a half hour to workout and 15 minutes to get cleaned up and changed and 15 minutes to eat, and get back to their work station. Some sessions are held immediately after work and they want to get home to their family and dinner.  They do still have fun, yet they have a purpose and a time frame.


The Motivation

– Regular boot camp clients do need motivation. They came to you for a concrete reason. They want to lose a certain number of pounds. Or they want to get in shape or build more muscle tone, or lower their blood pressure and cholesterol. They know what they want. You just have to deliver it and keep them on track with their goals. They want you to deliver it. They expect you to deliver it.


– The corporate boot camp client (the business) also knows what they want in their employee’s health and performance and they expect you to deliver it. The corporate boot camp exerciser (employee) may or may not know what they want or need. Some will feel pressured and just want to get thru the time without expending much effort. Others will be aware of what their health issues are and know what they want their bodies to look and feel like. Those individuals will be more like regular boot campers. The pressured individuals will have to be helped along and encouraged a bit more.


Another factor in motivation – there may be less motivation when the thing you are doing is not being paid out of your own pocket and the employee must view the corporate boot camp as an employee benefit.


The Perseverance

– The regular boot camp client may not know many of the people participating in their boot camp. They may build bonds and friendships during the boot camp, some will not. They leave afterwards and all go their separate ways, back into their lives.


– The corporate boot camp client knows who almost everyone is that they are exercising with. They are more conscious of their body, their effort and/or strain, their abilities. They see these people on an almost daily basis. When they are seeing good progress they will gain more confidence. Peers at work tend to support and encourage each other, applaud the efforts, and build stronger working relationships. They are all in this boat together with more, or less, a common goal – keeping their boss happy and showing definitive results and positive changes in their health and their bodies. They all go back to work together, after their program.


The Pay Off

– The regular boot camp client reaches their goal – the reason they came to boot camp in the first place. Now you can set another goal with them to help them reach higher. You can reinforce the value of what they received.

– The corporate boot camp client who shows results usually gets more than just the benefits of the results. Their insurance premiums or co-pays may decrease; any bonuses or other perks that have been established by the company are theirs. The feeling of better job security is tangible because they are more productive and have more energy. They have more confidence and stature with their peers, bosses, employees, at work. They have achieved in more areas than regular boot campers, usually without having to pay for it.
The benefits of Greg Justice’s Corporate Boot Camp System

As our world suffers the ill effects of sedentary lifestyles, poor nutrition, and a heavy reliance on medical management of chronic illness, Personal Trainers are in a perfect position to capture and grow a sustaining business profit center with Greg Justice’s Corporate Boot Camp System. 

You are invited to participate in this ground breaking, barrier busting corporate wellness reform and become the wellness leader in your community.

Join today, start today. Click here: CorpBootcampSystem

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