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Best Giant Bootcamp Workout Ever!



Today I have an awesome full “Done for You” workout session from Fitness Expert Funk Roberts. Check out the full session below from Funk.


Best Giant Bootcamp Workout Ever! (use this today!)
Funk Roberts


My goal as a coach is to help my clients burn fat, build lean muscle, get fit while keeping things fun and leaving them wanting more. 


I do this by mixing a variety of different style of metabolic workouts, which keep them on their toes and excited.


As a Certified Metabolic Trainer, who has co-authored an Amazon Best Selling book, been featured as a Fitness Expert on TV, written and been featured on top fitness websites like Onnit Academy and train professional athletes around the world, I have used and developed programs using metabolic training for over 7 years and have been used successfully by hundreds of thousands of people around the world.


I want to share what one of my giant bootcamp, small group or even a one-on-one training sessions can look like when you mix cool and effective metabolic training styles in one Giant Workout.


 The full session takes just over an hour not including water breaks and teaching time.


Best Giant Bootcamp Workout Ever! – Funk Roberts



Warm Up – 4 minutes 

Dynamic Stretch – 6 minutes 

Metabolic SuperSet – 30 Minutes 

Combat Finisher -10 minutes 

Abs Circuit – 10 minute 

Stretch – 5 minutes 



  1. a) Spartan Dynamic Warm Up #1 I like to start every session with a Dynamic warm up to get the blood flowing and heart rate pumping.


(Funk Note: this is a great opportunity to walk around and welcome people, find out how they are doing and help get them prepared mentally for the onslaught workout about to happen)


This is a 4-minute routine. Set your GymBoss Timer for 30 seconds intervals and perform each exercise one after the other for one round and follow up with the Dynamic Warm Up.


  1. Jumping jacks
  2. Seal Jacks
  3. Pogo Hops
  4. Front and Back – Skiers
  5. Side to Side
  6. Twists
  7. Crossover Jacks
  8. Side Knee Lifts


  1. b) Dynamic Stretch

Dynamic: involves controlled movements through a full range of motion by moving parts of your body and gradually increasing reach and speed of the movement. Here I will quickly go through exercises that focus on loosening up major joints/limbs (ankles, knees, hips, back, upper body, shoulders, elbows, wrists)


(Funk Note: during this time I make sure I’m educating the class or client as to why we are doing each movement and how it will help them to continue doing this before their own training)


Dynamic stretching improves flexibility and is done after a warm up to reduce the risk of injury.


  1. c) Metabolic SuperSet Workout – 30 minutes

This will be the “Guts” of the session. I always go through each exercise one after the other teaching the movement and demonstrating the ideal speed and intensity at which you would like your group to work at.


(Funk Note: Walk around and encourage, correct, push and change exercise levels if needed)


Metabolic SuperSet workout is a bodyweight edition combining upper body, lower body and core exercise.


Perform each exercise for 30 seconds one after the other with no rest.  Rest for 30 seconds and repeat for 3 sets.


Rest for 2 minutes and repeat for remaining sets

Total Workout Time = 30 Minutes


Exercise List


Set 1 – 3 Rounds

A1Wide Grip Push Ups – 30 Sec

A2 Jumping Lunges – 30 Sec

A3 Abs V-Ups – 30 Sec

Rest 30 seconds


Set 2 – 3 Rounds

B1Pull Ups/Chin Ups – 30 Sec

B2 Prisoner Squats – 30 Sec

B3 Plank Builds – 30 Sec

Rest 30 seconds


Set 3 – 3 Rounds

C1Pike Push Ups – 30 Sec

C2 Reverse Lunges – 30 Sec

C3 Leg Raises – 30 Sec

Rest 30 seconds


Set 4 – 3 Rounds

D1 Close Grip Push Ups – 30 Sec

D2 Jumping Squats– 30 Sec

D3 Hip Thrusts – 30 Sec

Rest 30 seconds



  1. d) Combat Conditioning Finisher –

I like to add this 10-minute killer to finish off the main session.  This is a collection of exercises including the dreaded burpees.


(Funk Note: Depending on the level of your clients, you will want to quickly see everyone demo each exercises after you show them the movement. Once again you will have to go through each exercise during the actual workout.  YOU will have to work hard at pushing everyone past his or her limits into the realm of being uncomfortable.  Make sure you motivate and push them in a positive way to help get them through these 10 minutes.)


Perform each exercise for 50 sec followed by 10 sec for two rounds with no rest.  Set your GymBoss Timer for 50 Seconds-10 Second intervals

Workout Time: 10 Minutes


Combat Conditioning Finisher

  1. Regular Burpees
  2. Mountain Climbers
  3. Swings or Full Body Extensions or Full Body Jumps
  4. Jumping Lunges
  5. Abs V-Ups




  1. e) 10-Minute “Knockout Abs” Workout Finisher


Most of your class will be relieved that they can finally chill with some abs and core movements but what they don’t realize is that this will put the final KO on this session.


Funk Note: Once again demonstrate each exercise and encourage during the workout


Perform each exercise for 50 seconds followed by 10 seconds rest.

Total Workout = 10 Minutes


  1. Single Leg V-Ups
  2. Hollow Abs
  3. Lying Alternating Leg Raises
  4. Thai V-Ups (Knees and One Two Punch)
  5. Abs In and Outs
  6. Full Spring Ups
  7. Lying Leg Raises
  8. Scissor Kicks
  9. Flutter Kicks
  10. Half Spring Ups


  1. f) Post Workout Stretch

End off your session with a post workout stretch, talk about how AWESOME everyone was, how they are 1% better than when they started and help them to feel a sense of accomplishment. 


Funk Note: I like to use this time to talk about nutrition and what they should eat once they get home from this workout.  


As a fitness trainer, programming is one of the most important parts of running your successful fitness business and getting results for your clients.

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