Bodybuilding Bootcamp Workout Program

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Bodybuilding Bootcamp Program
Justin Yule

Alternate between 30 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest for a single exercise for 4 consecutive rounds followed by a 1-minute transition period.


Perform 4 total cycles for a 20-minute workout.


Many muscle-building experts believe that 120 seconds of time-undertension (TUT) for each body part is ideal for maximum hypertrophy and

this is accomplished with the 30-30 for 4 rounds protocol.

You also need to select a load or an exercise variation that sufficiently challenges your muscles for about 6-15 reps in each 30-second work

period. Intensity is the key to stimulating maximum muscle-growth and you absolutely need to push it to the limit while maintaining perfect form

and technique on every set, particularly towards the 3rd and 4th rounds when it’s starts to really burn.

The short, incomplete 30-second rest periods heavily exhaust your working muscles and stimulate the release of growth hormone (a potent

muscle-builder and fat-burner) to shock your body and make it change for the better.


There are 4 total exercises within each workout that work your whole body, though some of the workouts will preferentially work certain areas of

the body more than others. Why? Well, that’s just my little secret, he he! Of course, if I’d told you then I’d have to kill you


Below is an outline of the BODYBUILDING BOOTCAMP workout:

Workout A

Station 1: Single-leg Hip Extension Variation (Left)

Station 2: Single-leg Hip Extension Variation (Right)

Station 3: Chest Press Variation

Station 4: Low Row Variation

Metabolic Finisher: Burpees Variation


Workout B

Station 1: Front Squat Variation

Station 2: Push-up Variation

Station 3: Stiff-legged Deadlift Variation

Station 4: High Row Variation

Metabolic Finisher: Mountain Climbers Variation


Workout C

Station 1: Split Squat Variation (Left)

Station 2: Split Squat Variation (Right)

Station 3: Overhead Press Variation

Station 4: Bent Row Variation

Metabolic Finisher: Skater Jumps Variation

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