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Up ‘n Down Bodyweight Challenge

Up ‘n Down Bodyweight Challenge+Why Challenge Your BootCamp Clients?



 I’ll have Shawna Kaminiski answer that one plus give you a sample Bodyweight Challenge to use in your camps! 

Boot campers love a challenge. That’s why they sign up for boot camp. It’s in the name. The trouble is, once they start coming, what was once the initial challenge of boot camp sort of fades. They start to see that boot camp tends to be the same thing day in and day out. That is, unless you have some amazing programming skills.


My experience is that most trainers fall short of imagination where workout development is concerned. They have awesome ideas to start, but it gets monotonous and tedious to come up with new and exciting workouts every single day. Trainers even get bored with their own ideas.


What’s a trainer to do?


The best trainers collaborate. They learn from each other. If a workout or system is proven in one camp, why shouldn’t it be used in another? The whole point is to help others. My challenges have helped so many people in my camp, I’d love for you to use them too.


Why do challenges in the first place?


 I’ve found that doing challenges helps clients focus on performance. Everyone has a starting place so no matter if I have a veteran camper who’s in amazing shape, or a ‘Mrs. Jones’ who’s brand new in camp, we can do a challenge that will hit every fitness level. Everyone is motivated to make improvements to their game.


Making fitness improvements also takes the focus off of weight loss. While I’m not opposed to weight loss at all, in fact, getting results is another important aspect of any successful boot camp, it doesn’t need to be the entire focus. Many of my clients come to boot camp with goals of increased energy, more mobility, more strength etc. These things are more easily measured with challenges. What I’ve found as well, is that once the focus is off weight loss and onto performance, weight loss happens as well. What a happy coincidence that turns out to be 😉


Typically I’ll run a challenge at the start of the month. Clients will do their best at it, modify or intensify it as needed and record their scores. Each week we’ll do a variation of the challenge and then in week four, we’ll repeat the same challenge as we did in week one. I try to make it as fun as possible. The challenges are less than 15 minutes, so in addition to the challenge being a kick butt workout, we have time for workout fun after it.


Here’s an example of a cool challenge from my program:


Workout #3 Up ‘n Down Bodyweight Challenge


Timed set: Record the total time it takes to complete this workout.


Equipment: Timer



Push ups (modified push ups)

Squat jumps (squats)


Rules of the test:

The goal of this test is to get to 10 push ups and 20 squat jumps using a ladder format. The test will be timed. Here’s the progression:


1 push up, 2 squat jumps

2 push ups, 4 squat jumps

3 push ups, 6 squat jumps

4 push ups, 8 squat jumps

5 push ups, 10 squat jumps


Continue in the pattern until you get to:


10 push ups, 20 squat jumps


*If this is too easy for your clients, have them go down the ladder as well:

9 push ups, 18 squat jumps

8 push ups, 16 squat jumps


Continue in the pattern until you get to:


1 push ups, 2 squat jumps



Stop the clock.


Training Variation:

  • Timed set of 1 burpee (with push up), 2 squats (finish with 10 burpees, 20 squats)







Challenge Workout #3 Up ‘n Down Timed set Template


Record time and any modifications.


Name Test 1 Modification Test 2 Modification



Give this challenge a try.


If you want more challenges, you can check out my Challenge Workouts: Boot Camp Edition.


In fact, this week you can grab my challenge workouts as well as my pal Mike Whitfield’s Boot Camp Finishers and my other friend, Brian Kalakay’s Boot Camp Games for 50% off.


Really a no brainer if you need to spice up your camp.


All ideas are basically  ‘plug and play’. You’ll get more ideas than you’ll know what to do with, you’ll create excitement, clients will stay and pay and that will generate more referrals to your camp.


Happy Boot Camping!


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