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Bodyweight Core Routine

Bodyweight Core Routine

by Adam Steer


Trying to do any sort of challenging movement with a weak core is like trying to shoot a cannon from a canoe. Your midsection provides a stable foundation for all movement. It also translates force from one segment of the body to another.

When you move your leg, you don’t just flex your lower body muscles. You activate a vast sling of muscle and connective tissue that slings across your entire body. A lot of these lines of pull run in diagonal patterns through the core.

By focusing on fun and functional movements when training the core, you build on those natural patterns of movement. So when you need them in life and sport you can call on them.

Kevlar Core Bodyweight Routine

And as a little bonus, here’s a great CST bodyweight circuit for the core. It’s pulled from the pages of our Bodyweight Metabolic Matrix (BMM) series (top secret). This one’s a variation of the Kevlar Core routine.

Do 30 seconds each of…

  • Plank
  • Boat Pose V-up
  • Quad Squat
  • Boat Pose V-up
  • Swoop Hold Left
  • Boat Pose V-up
  • Swoop Hold Right
  • Boat Pose V-up
  • Jump Squat

Then rest 1 minute and repeat 2-4 times depending on your available time and your conditioning level.

If you’d like to grab the original Kevlar Core routine you can visit the link below. The program contains a complete video demonstration of this fat blasting Bodyweight Metabolic Matrix.

Kevlar Core <— Click here for the original BMM Kevlar Core routine

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