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Boot Camp Marketing Domination: Transformation Contests

Boot Camp Marketing Domination: Transformation Contests

guest post by Ryan Ketchum

One of the easiest ways to market and build your current boot camp program is holding several transformation contests each year in different formats to produce incredible results with current and new clients and draw interest from prospects.  

The key to a successful transformation contest is getting great results.  The first step is making sure you have an amazing boot camp of the highest quality, and I am sure that all of you reading this have amazing camps that separate you from the pack and help you dominate your community.  

The greatest part about transformation contests is the specific time frame which creates a sense of urgency and the competition that drives people to get better results.    We have had incredible success with contests that range from 28 days to 8 weeks.  I prefer shorter contests for internal challenges with in your current camp and longer contests to draw in new members.  

When you plan out your marketing calendar for the year I would pan one long contest (8-12 weeks) and two shorter contests (21 days-6 weeks) spaced out through the year.  This will give you plenty of chances to challenge your current campers and draw in new clients.

Within these three contests or challenges throughout the year I would pick one to do with a charity, one that is team based and one an individual challenge.    The charity camp is a great PR builder and gets your business involved within the community.  In previous contests we have donated anywhere from $1-5 for every pound lost in the contest.  This is great because the charity can sell the program to its members and help recruit new prospects.    In the team challenge (usually our longest challenge of the year) we ask our current members to gather a team of their peers to participate in the contest. The goal is to get current members to recruit the new prospects for you.    In the individual challenge you will rely heavily on email marketing and leveraging your current network to fill the contest and present you with new leads. 

We charge for all of our challenges.   We usually have a low barrier to entry price point ($19-49) for all new members.  We would give it away from free but the results are better when you have people pay a small amount.

During the contest you will ask for referrals, collect testimonials, and sell memberships to your boot camp to the prospective clients.   These challenges or contests are the best way to show new prospects how great your camps are and get great results with them!  

You could easily double your boot camp numbers by running these three simple challenges each year. 

Ryan Ketchum is the Co-Owner of Force Fitness and Performance, VP of Business Development for Fitness Consult Group, and business coach for many of the nation’s leading fitness business owners.   Ryan successfully operates a $500k/year fitness business in a small town in the Midwest.   He was also voted the 2011 Boot Camp Owner of the Year and frequently speaks to hundreds of fitness professionals across the country.   You can find out more about Ryan and his business at www.beforcefit.com .

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excellent post Ryan! facebook Like button and comment box is acting up and I have no idea how to fix it:)


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