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Boot Camp Olympics Workout

Boot Camp Olympics Workout

Boot Camp Olympics Instructions

Print off a copy of the workout for each camper.

Give a pen or pencil to each camper.

This workout is built on points awarded for reps completed.

No additional points are awarded for going above the reps to obtain a


If a camper gets 74 reps, for example, they are only awarded 2 points for


You are to check on form and make campers redo anything they don’t do


Change the exercises to fit your needs and equipment.

The camper(s) with the most points wins a prize.


• 2=1 where noted

• Laps around parking lot – We use our smaller parking lot, so when they

are running 30, 50, or 75 laps around it’s not as intimidating as it sounds.

Adjust to fit your facility.

• Tire flips – we use our large tractor tires

• Sledge hammer – I have 6 and 8 pound sledge hammers. They swing

them into our largest tractor tire.

Boot Camp Olympics Workout
Work on medals and complete at own pace, coming back to exercises to build to

Bronze/Silver/Gold. Keep track of your reps for each and add up to score a medal! The

purpose is to try to medal in everything (advanced campers can try for higher medals).

30 Reps = BRONZE MEDAL = 1 point

50 Reps = SILVER MEDAL = 2 points

75 Reps = GOLD MEDAL = 3 points

Push-ups__________________ Score: ______

Crunches__________________ Score: ______

Jumping Jacks_______________ Score: ______

Squat Thrust Jumps________________ Score: ______

DB Squats__________________ Score: ______

Box Jumps________________ Score: ______

Laps Around Parking Lot______________ Score: ______

Ball Slams________________ Score: ______

Jump Ropes (2 rotations = 1 rep)___________Score: ______

Mountain Climbers (2=1) ________________ Score: ______

Russian Twists (2=1)__________________ Score: ______

DB Lunges_________________ Score: ______

Sit Position DB Calf Raises_____________ Score: ______

DB Front Raises_____________ Score: ______

Turkish Get-ups_______________ Score: ______

Tire Flips ______________ Score: ______

Sledge Hammer _____________ Score: ______

Total: ________

BONUS – Chariot Run with partner: 2 min Bronze/3 min

Silver/4 min Gold



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