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Team Game – What’s the catch?

by Leon Melnicenko, author, Epic Bootcamp Games Vol 2


There’s a big problem in the world of bootcamps (in my opinion).


With tens of thousands of new instructors qualifying every year, there’s always someone new diluting the market in your town.


When I first started my bootcamp in Plymouth, England, I was the first one out there to be doing it.


I was new, innovative, and quickly became very successful with 70-80 campers in the first year.


I used to spend hours each day meticulously planning my workouts.


They weren’t, at that stage, particularly creative, but they were well planned.


And then it started to happen.


It seemed that every couple of months, a new bootcamp was popping up on my park or one nearby.


And they were undercutting me on price. And so clients started to leave me, to try out the ‘new’ and ‘cheaper’ option.


See many of these new bootcamps were ‘hobby businesses’ in that they did it on the side of their day job.


But for me, I needed my business to work and bring in a decent income for my family, it was all I had.


I had, up to that point, done a few things ‘wrong’ (I see that now, with the wonder of hindsight!).


But at the time, I didn’t know what, I just knew something had to change.


So I sent out a questionnaire to my campers and the response was amazing. And totally enlightening.


I had always tried to mix up my camps so that we never did the same session twice. But what the survey participants told me overwhelmingly was that the sessions they enjoyed the most were tough, but FUN!


They LOVED it when we played Team Games. The element of friendly competition made them push themselves harder but they wanted to do it.


And that started me on my quest to make my bootcamp the most fun in town.


I started creating team games and challenges that could be programmed with different exercises to get amazing results for my clients, whilst being fun to do (for them & for me).


Within just a few weeks, word was spreading like wildfire, clients were telling their friends who wanted a piece of the action.


My bootcamp success was back!


Team Game – What’s the Catch?


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EQUIPMENT: 2 tennis balls
TIME: 10 minutes
AIM: To score a set number of points as a team
METHOD: Split the group in to two teams. Get each team to form a large circle.You want to make the circle big enough so that it’s a challenge for players to catch the ball when they pass it around. Choose a team captain to start with the ball. Round 1 of 10. Players must pass the ball around the circle clockwise.Once the ball has made it full circle back to the team captain, the whole team must perform 10 press ups. (Beginner 5 Intermediate 10 Advanced 15) This scores the team 1 point. The first team to score 10 team points will win the game. So as you can see there are 10 rounds to complete. 

So what’s the Catch

This applies to each individual round.

If the ball is dropped (once or more per round) when it is passed around, the team must perform double repetitions before they can start the next round.


 TIPS/VARIATIONS:       If players are easily catching the ball then get them to take two steps back to make it harder.     Use a soccer ball instead and get the group pass it around by kicking it to each other 
NOTES:      Ensure that teams maintain the same size circle throughout the game. If the circle starts to get smaller, get players to step back a few paces to make the circle bigger again.





I like to play press up circles after this game, which is in Bootcamp Games Volume 1.

Take a single exercise and get the group to compete on who can finish a set number of repetitions first.

For example: Split the group in to teams of 3-4, the first team to 100 press ups wins.

Players take it in turns counting around the circle performing one press up each going clockwise. The first team to get to 100 wins.

This works with pretty mush any exercise.

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