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Bootcamp Band Training

Bootcamp Band Training

by Dave Schmitz

With the weather finally breaking here in the Milwaukee area, we are finally able to get outside for camp again.

I am thinking that many of you are already rocking your camps outside which is great.

I also suspect that some of you may be looking at your camps saying… What can I do to Jazz things up a bit??

I to know this feeling.   Well this week I decided to help you out with that by sharing with you some training ideas using bands that may not only get your campers excited but it will also maybe provide you some assistance on those weeks when you are struggling to figure out what to do.

Here is one of the easiest ways to implement band training and all it really takes is 1 band per camper.  First arrivals get their choice of bands.  Trust me as a guy you do not want green and as a gal you probably do not want purple.

The Workout is Called Repeat Reps

I use a continuous 2  minute sound track with 2   minute break

Exercise sequence is:

1. High Pulls

2. Push Press

3. Front Squat

4. Partner Squat Pulls

5. Split Squat Right

6. Split Squat Left

7.   Back pedals

I use the 2 minute recovery for core training, low level cardio or teaching  the next exercise.

It is defintely a go to circuit for me that the campers enjoy doing as well.

Also Coaches… this is an easy circuit to do with your athletes.

Take a look.

Getting Better with Bands


Need more ideas…fitnessBANDbootcamp will provide you 100?s of workout  ideas.

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One comment on “Bootcamp Band Training


.You know one of the easiest ways to set up a boot camp interval workout to music is by using Alternate Resistance Band Partner training in conjunction with interval training music. The set up takes seconds and the interval workout music literally takes the campers through the workout while creating incredible workout energy..Here is how you do it .Choose 2 exercises that work opposite movements Vertical push and Vertical pull or alternating sides using a unilateral exercise like lunges and than put your camp into teams of 2 or 4 people..Split the group in half and instruct half the group to do one exercise while the other half does the other exercise. The interval workout music will tell them when to switch. Literally I instruct my campers on what they need in resistance bands demo the exercise and click on the Workout Muse workout music..Examples of some great resistance band alternate partner workouts..1. High Pull Front Squat.2. Push Press Hammer Curl.3. Split squat right Split squat left.All of these workouts use attachment free resistance band set ups so all you need is space a single resistance band per person and some motivated campers to get after it..Take a look at a recent camp I did using alternate partner training in conjunction with workout muse 20-10 Tabatas.. .Dave Schmitz is an expert in the art of training with resistance band and is the founder of . His innovative resistance band workouts for boot camps have become revolutionary and continues to provide trainers a convenient training option that gets great results without the hassle or cost of other training tools….Share and Enjoy ..


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