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Bootcamp Bodyweight Warm Up Template

Bootcamp Bodyweight Warm Up Template

Mike Whitfield and Georgette Pann

You can’t underestimate the warm-up. I’ve seen it in my own workouts as well as my clients over the years. If your warm-up is solid, you’ll actually IMPROVE your entire workout.

That’s a bold statement, but like I said, I’ve seen this in action. About 2 years ago, I really put this to the test. I took one of my favorite client’s workout log and recorded
their reps/weight as I always did, but compared it to two things:
1) A warm-up on the treadmill for 5 minutes
2) A warm-up of bodyweight exercises that lasted about
3 minutes.

The results – her performance of the workout was much better after the bodyweight circuit compared to the treadmill. She lifted heavier, and on on the bodyweight movements, she was able to squeeze out more reps. The same results happened for my other client that I’ve trained since 2007. I tested it with him as well.


I’ll show you how I put together my own warm-ups as well as my clients. In fact, by using this template, you’ll be able to create your own warm-ups…

It only takes about 3 -5 minutes (at most)… if you do it right.


Here’s the warm-up I’m currently on that has been working really well for me.


Do the following circuit twice, resting for 30 seconds between circuits.


Jumping Jacks (15)

Alternating Prisoner Lunge (8/side)

Pushups (8) – Take 2 seconds to lower yourself and 2 seconds

to come back up.

Leg Swings (15/side)


4 exercises 


This is faster and more effective than hopping on a treadmill for 5 minutes. This will get you ready to go to war.


So, what’s the formula for a quick, effective warm-up?


1) Easier conditioning exercise

2) Easier Single Leg Exercise (Prisoner Style)

3) Core Exercise/Easier Push Exercise

4) Easier Leg Exercise


1) For me, I like the way Jumping Jacks wakes up my shoulders

But # 1 can be anything like Skater Hops, Jumping Jacks,

Jump Rope at a moderate pace, Low Box Jumps (3-5 reps), etc.


2) This can Prisoner Lunges, Prisoner Reverse Lunges, Prisoner

Lateral Lunges, Prisoner Switch Lunge (around 5 reps per side),

etc. The idea is to wake up your lower body and by keeping your

hands behind your head, you’ll also work your upper back.


Sorry, but as we get older – this is REALLY important. So, make

sure your hands aren’t only behind your head, but you’re making

a good effort to squeeze them together during the whole movement.


3) This can be Mountain Climbers, X-Body Mountain Climbers,

Spiderman Climb, Plank, Pushup Plank, etc. I like the 2-second

pushup because you work your upper body and the slow pace

works your core and prepares it for battle.


4) Leg Swings are my favorite warm-up exercise. But here, you can also plug

bodyweight squats, a variety of lunges, and even Total Body Extensions.


There are other formulas that work as well, and that’s just one of them.


So put that on your goals for 2013… IMPROVE your performance with better warm-ups.


Better Warm-ups = Better Workouts

Better Workouts = Better Results

I’m a big believer that when you focus on process goals and simply getting better, the fat loss then becomes a by-product.
Talk to you soon,
Mike Whitfield, CTT


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