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Bootcamp Partner Challenges-The Commando Crawl and The Chase

Bootcamp Partner Challenges-The Commando Crawl and The Chase


The Commando Crawl


EQUIPMENT: 3 markers
NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2+ (multiple pairs)
TIME: 2 minutes each way
AIM: To complete as many shuttle runs as possible
METHOD: Lay out the markers as shown in the diagram. Split the group in to pairs and line them up so they are facing. For the first half of the game, player two will assume the plank position and player one will run.To Start: Player one must run out in line with the goal marker and back again. This will score the player one point. On the way there the player must jump over their partner, on the way back the player must crawl under their partner. To do this, player two must stand up on to the hands from the plank and make an arch to allow player one to crawl under. Player two then falls back in to the plank and the process is repeated. Players switch for round two (2 minutes each way).
TIPS/VARIATIONS:      Player two must run from side to side, jumping over their partner only. Player one must perform one press up every time they are jumped over. Press ups are points.     Player two must perform a set exercise before heading back to the start. 
NOTES:      Players must crawl on their bellies, not on their hands and knees     Players collect a point every time they make it back to the start. The pair must add up the combined score at the end, the team with the most points wins.

The Chase


EQUIPMENT: 2 markers (may use natural markers such as trees)
NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2+ (multiple pairs)
TIME: 4-5 minutes
AIM: To catch your partner
METHOD: Split the group in to pairs of similar ability. Players must start at opposite sides to their partner. Players can only move in a clockwise direction and must both try to catch each other. Set the timer for two minutes. Once a player is caught they must perform partner sit ups for the time remaining. This should be done away from where the players are being chased.
TIPS/VARIATIONS:      The instructor can shout “one” at anytime. Players must stop and perform a single squat/press up.     Players that have been caught must perform a forfeit at the end of the game. 
NOTES:      Encourage players to move as fast as possible throughout the 2 minutes.     Stronger players must perform 3 press ups at each side if they are paired with a weaker player. 




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