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Bootcamp Workout

Bootcamp Workout
Steve Payne
Firestorm Fitness

Day One

A. Dynamic Warm-up & Hip Mobility
B. Partner Shuttle run competition
1. Sprint 20 yards out, 20 mountain climbers, sprint 20 yards back
2. Partner goes
3. Sprint 40 yards out, 20 mountain climbers, sprint 40 yards back
4. Partner goes
*Repeat for 3 total rounds*

C. Tabata Style Superset
1. 20 seconds of Pushups
2. 10 Seconds rest
3. 20 seconds of Squats
4. 10 Seconds rest
*repeat for 8 rounds, 8 total minutes*

D. Old Style Track Star

Run two laps around the track in the following fashion:

1. Sprint the curve (Approximately 100 yards)

2. Jog the straight (Approximately 100 yards)

D. Post Training Stretching

Day Two

A. Dynamic Warm-up & Jump Rope
B. Partner shuttle run with 5 Turkish Get-ups

Skip 20 yards, perform 5 Turkish Get-ups, Skip back
Partner goes
Back-pedal 20 yards, perform 5 Get-ups, back-pedal return
Partner goes
5. Repeat for 3 total trips
C. Peripheral Heart Action…

In this workout you have FOUR stations – You move through each station after 30 seconds. One round is 2 minutes; today do 5 total rounds. Non-stop 10-minute circuit.
1. Jumping Lunges
2. Chin-to-knees
3. Prisoner Squats
4. Plank

D. Short Course Baseball…
Run 20 yards between each “base”
1st 20 Burpees
2nd 20 Pushups
3rd 20 Burpees
Home 20 Pushups
Score as many runs as you can in 10 minutes
E. Run 3-4 Laps for time
F. Post Training Stretching

Day Three

A. Hip Mobility – Calisthenics
Jumping Jacks, Shuffle Splits, Lateral Jumps x 3 sets, 20 seconds each
B. Kitchen Sink…
1. 20 Dips
2. Sprint straight, run curves x 1 lap
3. Perform 1 exercise each round, 20 reps:
– Broad Jump
– Walking Lunge (each leg)
– STAR Jump
– Burpees
– Mountain Climbers (each leg)
– Lateral Tuck Jump
4. Sprint straight, run curves x 1 lap
*As many complete rounds as you can in 30 minutes*
C. Post Training Stretching

Day Four

A. Calisthenics – Hip Mobility – 20 yard Skips forward & backward

B. The Big Nasty
1. Sprint 40 yards out and back
2. Dips x 25
3. Walking Lunge x 25 yards
4. Four corner, ten yard sprint & shuffle
*forward 10 yards, side shuffle 10 yards, back pedal 10 yards, side shuffle 10 yards*
5. Sprint 60 yards, back pedal back
6. Broad Jump x 25 yards
7. Sprint 60 yards, carioca back
8. Pushups x 25
*Repeat for as many complete rounds as you can between 29-33 minutes*
C. Post Training Stretching

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