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Can Video Increase Your Bootcamp Sales By 400%?

Can Video Increase Your Sales By 400%?

 Guest post by Brian Kalaky

The answer is yes. A recent study done by Ice.com found that viewers who chose to view video on their website converted at a 400% increase over those who did not. Ice.com also credits video with decreasing returns by 25%.


Back in 2010, COMSCORE conducted a study that proved retail site visitors who view video stay two minutes longer on average and are 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors.


According to Internet Retailer, 52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in their online purchase decisions. When a video is information-intensive, 66% of consumers will watch the video two or more times.


Let me ask you something. If people are 66% more likely to watch your video two or more times, what do you think they will probably do with it?


I bet $100 that they will share the video with their friends on a form of social media or tell their friends about it in real life. This means more referral advertising that doesn’t cost you a penny.


With statistics like this, do you see why it makes NO SENSE that there are people out there without video on their websites? I mean, if you are purposely trying to fail your business or not make any money, then I guess keep not posting videos.


Luckily, I know you are not like that. That is why you are reading this blog post. Maybe you are on the fence about putting videos on your website because you don’t know where to start. Maybe, it just seems too overwhelming and you are afraid you will do it wrong.


No matter your reason, I have made a list of the steps you need to take to compose and execute a video marketing campaign for your business. I kept this to the point and “tech-dumb” just incase you aren’t real familiar with video.


Even if you have a ton of videos online for you business, make sure to browse through this list and make sure you are doing, or have done, all of these steps.


3 Steps to Converting Prospects to Customers Using Video


1. Make the Videos Properly


There are a ton of people out there that are going to tell you that you need an expensive camera and an expensive video editor to product professional looking videos that make your business look boss.

Others will tell you that, the more “raw” and unprofessional your videos look people will relate to them more and it will separate you from the “robotic” corporate companies on the internet.




Professionally produced video optimized for eCommerce outperforms user-generated video (UGC video) by 30%, delivering a 24.7% lift as compared with an 18.7% lift for the UGC video. – COMSCORE 2012


So that statement shuts up the second group of people. Now let’s talk about the solution that shuts up the first group of people and makes you happy 🙂


To give your company a professional look and convert the best online all you need is a smart phone or a $299 HD camera. Considering you probably are reading this from your smart phone now, or have a smart phone in your pocket, you already possess the best HD camera money can buy.


Most cameras on smart phones are taking HD videos better than some of the expensive video cameras people pay thousands for. What separates the quality isn’t necessarily the video quality; it is the audio quality.


So if you have a smart phone the only investment will be to get a good microphone for you to use. I recommend an Audiotechnica Lav Mic. They are about $20 and will work wonders.


Set up your smart phone on a tripod or have someone film you. Once you have the video made, send it over to FinalYouTubeVideo.com. For $50 they will add all of the fancy graphics and titles to the video that will make your business look like it spent thousands on video editing.


Now that you have an idea of how to make the video, lets talk about what the video should have in it.


2. Load Your Videos With Content That Converts


There are hundreds of ways to do this and depending on your business some may work better than others. In my experience what has worked best is the following formula:


  1. Address and Agitate a common problem your customers have
  2. Give them a EXACT solution to fix that problem
  3. Call to Action that converts them to prospects or paying clients.


I’m sure “a” and “b” are self-explanatory, so let me quickly address letter “c”. The call to action or CTA is something you are directing the viewer to do at the end of your video. It could be:


–       Opt-in to get my free report (captures their email address)

–       Subscribe to my channel, website, follow me on Twitter, Like my Facebook Page, Etc. (builds audience)

–       Check out this low priced offer that relates to this problem (gets first sale)


No matter your call to action, you need to make sure you are directing them to “give” you something in return for the “content-rich information” you just gave them.


3. Follow Up With Them Until They Convert


Whether you are building a social media following or an email list, you need to follow up with these people until they become your paying customers. This could mean posting attention grabbing content 3-5 times a week on your social media pages or emailing your list 2-4 times a week and giving them useful info.


You need to be doing something to stay in touch with these people and become their go to source for useful content that fixes their common problems.


They may not buy from you TODAY, but if you stay in contact and give consistently good content, you will be at the top of their mind when they do need your business. You have to become the expert in your industry and build rapport before they are going to buy from you.


You become the expert and build rapport by delivering solutions to your viewers’ problems and making them become familiar with you and your business.


Where to Start:


In my opinion, one of the best videos you can start with is a “pump up” video to put on the home page of your website. Film a bunch of people having a great time training at your boot camp or fitness facility. Here is an example of one video we made for my gym. It was for a “Ladies Night” we had at my boot camp:




We hired a DJ and had a mini dance party after boot camp sessions. it was a blast!


Now, think of how this makes you look compared to the other studios that just deliver workouts. By starting with a video like this on your website and then putting in a low barrier offer at the end to “join the fun”, you put yourself in a “category of one” as Jay Abraham would say.


So that is how you can use video to increase your sales by 400%.


Also, if you want to increase the “fun appeal” of your boot camp sessions like I did in that video above, grab a copy of my TT Boot Camp Games http://georgettepann.com/TTBCGames2.0 Everything you saw in the video was a boot camp game we used from that program.


Keep Dominating!



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