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5 Crazy Card Game Workouts to do with a Partner by Mike Geary, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer Author of best-seller:  The Truth about Six-Pack Abs      Instructions: 1. Use all 54 cards (including the jokers). 2. One player pulls a… Continue Reading…

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Unique Bootcamp Game (Video)     Leon has just launched the eagerly awaited Game Changers Tribe newsletter. Click the link below to access Leon’s brand new game.   http://leonmelnicenko.evsuite.com/masters-assend-optimized/ Read more […]

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4 Bootcamp Partner Game Finishers http://georgettepann.com/bcpartnergames   Boulder Chase Format: Everyone as a team versus two to four boulder rollers Supplies Needed: One Stability Ball How to Begin: Have everyone spread out around the floor and give the stability ball to one of… Continue Reading…

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3 Problems with Boot Camp Games   Once again, I have listened to your opinions and made a game that will help solve some of your problems. I’m sure you have heard about how much boot camp games can help… Continue Reading…

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How to Build Stronger Client Relationships   What’s up guys, Brian Kalakay, the boot camp game guy. What I have for you today is the three most important methods I use here at my boot camp in Michigan to get… Continue Reading…

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Up ‘n Down Bodyweight Challenge+Why Challenge Your BootCamp Clients?      I’ll have Shawna Kaminiski answer that one plus give you a sample Bodyweight Challenge to use in your camps!  Boot campers love a challenge. That’s why they sign up for boot… Continue Reading…


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