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 Metabolic Training Works by Funk Roberts   With all this talk about metabolic training, it’s important for you to understand the real science behind it. How it works, how it impacts a client’s fitness level and body, and more importantly,… Continue Reading…

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Episode 66: Quality Bootcamp Programming, “fake fitness gurus” and more..   In this episode of the Fitness Boot Camp Inner Circle, Georgette and Jesse expose the current industry trend of fake fitness gurus offering expensive coaching programs and the real… Continue Reading…

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Podcast:Alicia Streger Shares Exclusive Facebook Group “Hacks”     Alicia “over”delivers on this exclusive podcast sharing some Secret Facebook tips and tricks…She has NEVER shared these FB Group Hacks Anywhere else before!            ALL NEW for… Continue Reading…

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 Podcast: Rick Streb on Implementing Nutrition Coaching  Rick Streb on implementing Nutrition Coaching with bootcampers and clients … How to tap into a $100K+ nutritional revenue stream in your business! Now is your chance to FINALLY start making real money with… Continue Reading…

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Podcast On New Workout Programs And Pricing Strategies     In this episode, Georgette and Jesse talk about a great way to have new workouts in your boot camps and better pricing strategy for personal training/bootcamps….yep we got carried away..episode… Continue Reading…

Fitness Bootcamps/ Business PodcastFitness BusinessFitness Business Revenue Streams

Podcast:Greg Justice-Corporate Fitness      Corporate Fitness cert ———– Greg Justice is the Co-founder of the the National Corporate Fitness Institute.  NCFI is the premier trainer certification program in the corporate niche.  Greg and NCFI have structured what some trainers… Continue Reading…


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