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Anterior Core Training Michael Boyle strengthcoach7   Who do we believe? The strength guys say something like “forget doing abs, just do heavy squats and deadlifts”. Don’t even say the word core around these guys. The functional guys say “lying… Continue Reading…

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3 Keys to Running an Online Transformation Challenge Levi Memmer creator of the Online Transformation Challenge System         A few years ago I decided I wanted to start online training but I knew I would need to show… Continue Reading…

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Onsite Corporate Fitness in Every Business By Greg Justice, M.A.     Every business, large or small can and should have onsite corporate fitness active within its walls, as the workplace is a logical location and time for a fitness… Continue Reading…

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Episode 70 The Return of the Fitness Boot Camp Inner Circle Podcast   We are BACK! Georgette and Jesse have seen huge changes in the personal training and fitness industry and they want to share what’s going on and working… Continue Reading…

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Why Short Term Fitness Challenges Work by Rafael Moret, Author of the Trans4mation Bootcamp System     “30 Days to a New You!”“6 Week Body Transformation Challenge.” “Transform Your Life in 8 weeks!”  Ya, ya we know….:) There’s a lot of information and misinformation… Continue Reading…

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Episode 69: Fred Zoller: HIIt Protocols,HIIT Mistakes and More     In this episode, we interview Fred Zoller of Lean Performance Academy and the new project he and Georgette are working on to offer dynamic and adaptable programming for fitness… Continue Reading…


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