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4 Week Hiit/Strength Program   This is a four-week kb focused program. There are 3 “strength” days and 3 days of HIIT. The primary exercises in the strength days are down for 10 reps week 1, 8 reps week 2, 6… Continue Reading…

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Improving Upon the “Chipper”-Style Conditioning Workout By Sarah Rippel, Author of The Ultimate Group Training System & Build ‘N Burn   A chipper is a workout that may look a little something like this:   For Time: 500m Row 60… Continue Reading…

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The Ultimate Group Training Manual: Bonus Programs & Templates By Sarah Rippel   Included with The Ultimate Group Training Manual are four separate programs, each 12 to 16 weeks in length. All come with pdf/excel templates…AND as an extra bonus… Continue Reading…

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SGT Workout Breakdown Program 4 – Part 2 By Sarah Rippel   In the first article, I covered the conditioning-biased warm-up! You can read Part 1 here: The 10 min EMOM Conditioning Warm-Up Today we will continue to breakdown the… Continue Reading…

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SGT Workout Breakdown- Program 4  Part 1 The Conditioning Based Warm-Up: 10 Minute EMOM By Sarah Rippel author of Build ‘N Burn & the upcoming “Ultimate Group Training System”           In this article I will be… Continue Reading…

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3 Keys to Running an Online Transformation Challenge Levi Memmer creator of the Online Transformation Challenge System         A few years ago I decided I wanted to start online training but I knew I would need to show… Continue Reading…


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