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Podcast:Alicia Streger Shares Exclusive Facebook Group “Hacks”     Alicia “over”delivers on this exclusive podcast sharing some Secret Facebook tips and tricks…She has NEVER shared these FB Group Hacks Anywhere else before!            ALL NEW for… Continue Reading…

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How to Sell A Program Online By Lori Kennedy RHN Creator of The Holistic Weight Management System There are many courses and trainings you can take to learn how to create a program that is offered online but most don’t… Continue Reading…

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How I use the internet to build my business By: Omar J. Nasouri   I have been a personal fitness trainer since early 2002. My degree is in Kinesiology from SDSU with emphasis in fitness nutrition and health. Aside from… Continue Reading…

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Why Your Facebook Page Isn’t Growing -And How To Fix It Do you run a Facebook page? If so, is the page growing by 50-150 new “likes” a day and is there constant interaction on your page? If so, great;… Continue Reading…

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Best way to Dominate GUEST POST BY Matt Wiencek If you don’t do this, you are going to be missing out on the most effective marketing tool in the fitness industry.  With this tool, you will be able to keep… Continue Reading…

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   Assessing Credibility in the Internet Age  By Mike Boyle Functional Strength Coach 4 http://georgettepann.com/stcoach4 I wrote this over a year ago and have been a little hesitant to post it. A recent Strengthcoachblog.com post got me to sit down and… Continue Reading…


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