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Challenge Complexes Workout(Video)

 Challenge Complexes vs Cardio (Workout Video)

guest post by Shawna K


Studies show that steady state cardio is the most time consuming and inefficient strategy for fat loss. I hope that you’ve shelved these protocols for use with your one on one and small group training.


HIIT, or high intensity intervals are probably what you’re using with your clients as a fat trimming method, right?


But, we all know that even these can get old.


Are you looking for something new and different to keep your clients workouts fresh?


Want to help your clients burn fat in a completely new and different way? How about the ability to boost, build and burn? That is, to boost metabolism, build muscle and burn fat all at once? No steady state cardio workout can do all that. Even HIIT workouts are less likely to build muscle the way this new method can.


Hey, I’m Shawna Kaminski and I’m a group trainer and I know the need to spice up programs for my clients. That’s another reason I put together a program called ‘Challenge Complexes’.


These are workouts completed in 20 minutes or less that utilize a barbell, one set of dumb bells or a single kettlebell. They are not complex as the name implies. In fact, the concept of ‘complexes’ is remarkably simple. They are simple exercises in special combination done in AMRAP style, timed sets or counting rep circuit. But there are some definite rules that need to be applied to make complexes safe and effective.


Complexes use lighter loads. This allows your clients to perfect exercise form while building endurance. That means you don’t need a ton of equipment. That’s a bonus 😉


Complexes develop athletic prowess. They’re ideal for training for all sports. As well, the short rests in these workouts increase workout density, in other words, you can get more work done with your clients in less time.


I’m a real stickler for exercise form and keeping my clients safe. These complexes were developed with that in mind. Who wants an injured client?


Wanna give a complex a try?


Here’s a sample workout that you can use with your clients:



OK to Be Single (Reps and rounds)

Equipment: one dumb bell


Do 5 reps of each exercise, start with the weak side, then progress to the strong side:

  • Squat with single DB over head
  • Single push press or thruster
  • 1 leg RDL
  • Single DB row
  • Push up one hand on DB
  • 20 DB swings

Do 6-10 total sets, or 3-5 sets per side.

If you’re looking for some cool workouts that will get your clients results fast, check out Challenge Complexes.

In fact, you’ll love them too.

This is what you’ll get:


  • 17 BB complexes


  • 10 DB complexes


  • Bonus: 8 KB complexes from Chris Lopez


All these come with coaching videos to help you with cueing and coaching tips to use with your clients.

Let’s give HIIT a rest and put steady state cardio on the shelf forever….give Challenge Complexes a try!



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