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CLOSING TECHNIQUES:Overcoming Client Objections


guest post by Matt Wiencek

Saving the Lost Sale

There is an extremely powerful technique you can learn called the “I Want to Think It Over Close.”  How many times have you heard that line when you were presenting a prospect with your services and prices?  The “I want to think it over” line is usually the number one excuse that personal trainers will get when the prospect has not been convinced yet that your service is worth the price.  More often than not the prospect is saying “good bye” without ever having intentions of ever buying anything from you.  I am sure from your own experience that you know that clients and prospects do not think it over.  They do not sit there carefully studying your brochures and price book with a calculator and a pen.


People Are Often Ready to Buy

On the other hand, as many as 50% of the people you speak to are probably ready to buy at this point.  You probably have not convinced them yet and they may just need a little nudge.  They need some extra help.  A buying decision such as hiring a personal trainer is a big decision for them.  They are tense and uneasy, and afraid of hiring the wrong trainer. They may be on the verge of saying “yes” and they need the professional guidance of an excellent salesperson.  But if you accept the “I want to think it over” and leave them, you will probably never get a second chance to sell to them again.


Be Agreeable and Prepared

This is how to do it.  When the prospect says, “I want to think it over”, you appear to accept it gracefully.  You smile agreeably, and begin packing your materials and putting them away.  As you do, you make conversation with these words: “Mr. Prospect, that’s a good idea.  Hiring a personal trainer is an important decision and you shouldn’t rush into it.”  These words will cause the prospect to mentally relax.  He sees that you are on your way.  His resistance will be dropped as soon as you stop presenting and trying to sell.


Ask Curiously

You then ask, in a curious tone of voice: “Mr. Prospect obviously you have a good reason for wanting to think it over.  May I ask you what it is; is it the money?”

Remain perfectly silent, watching his face.  Smile gently, take a deep breath and let it out slowly.  This is a critical moment.


Wait Patiently

Again, you have nothing to lose.  If you leave, you have lost this person as a prospect forever.  The worst thing that he can say is that he has no particular reason but that he still wants to think it over.  However in many cases, he will reply by saying one of two things.  He will say, “Yes, I’m concerned about the cost.” Or, he will say, “No, it’s not about the money.”


Probe the Answer

If he says that “Yes, it’s the money,” you immediately go into a series of questions designed to deal with concerns about cost or price.  You ask things like, “How do you mean exactly?  Why do you feel that way?  How far apart are we?  Is price your only concern, or is it something else?”  If he says that, “No it’s not the money,” you reply by asking “May I ask what it is?”


Remain Silent

Again, you remain perfectly silent while you wait for his answer.  In many cases, he will think about it for a few seconds, even a minute or longer, and then he will give you his final concern or objection.  He will finally tell you the real reason why he is hesitating about going ahead.  If you can now satisfy him on this final condition, you can go on to conclude the sale.  You can say, “Mr. Prospect, what if we could do this…?”  Or, “I think there is a perfect answer to that question.”

The Best Way 

The best way to overcome sales obstacles is not to get sales obstacles in the first place.  With the right type of marketing where you are are attracting prospects that are already pre-qualified and pre-interested you should face minimal sales obstacles.  If you would like to learn more about easy ways to overcome objections, increase your sales, improve your marketing and increase your profits check out the Primetime Trainer Kit available at Here

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