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Coach Dos’ Top TRX Exercises

Coach Dos’ Top TRX Exercises


We love Coach Dos. Not only does he conduct “Beer Interviews” (sipping a cold one while picking the brains of the industry’s greats – genius! You can see these on his website), but when asked to prepare a list of his top 10 favorite TRX exercises, he gives us 13, with one new move in the mix (see #5). Here, you’ve got moves for upper body, moves for lower body, pushing moves, pulling moves, anything you could want in a killer total body workout. Check out the video (featuring MMA coach Dewey Nielson) and read below for notes from Coach Dos himself on why each of these moves is in heavy rotation at his facility…

1. TRX Hamstring Curl (with Hip Press)
This is one of my all-time fave posterior chain exercises. Often called a SHELC movement (supine hip extension leg curl), the key is to keep the hips as high as possible throughout the movement in order to keep lots of tension and load on the glutes and hamstrings. Explode through the pulling portion, pause for a count at the top and return to the start position SLOWLY.

2. TRX Single Leg Squat (with Hop, Alternating)
The key to this pistol-style explosive squat is to sit the weight back onto the heel as you descend. You will use as much upper body as needed to offset the load, but the emphasis for me is the “brakes” or the ability to decelerate on the landings. This is where most performance injuries occur, so we can never get enough deceleration work.

3. TRX Body Saw (with Pike)
A great overall core movement since we incorporate the stabilization of a plank, the anti-extension of the saw and also the hip flexion of the pike.

4. TRX Resisted Torso Rotation
Probably the best TRX anti-rotation exercise around. The key here is to create a body angle (lean) that makes it very difficult to maintain that stable position during the presses.

5. NEW! TRX Grappler Push/Pull
This is a hybrid movement since it incorporates core rotation, anti-rotation, along with both pulling and pushing with the upper body. All in all, this is a GREAT total body exercise. Some considerations on this exercise are make sure to create enough load on the movement by walking your body deep under the handles and also make sure to get a FULL press and rotation at the top of the movement (you should be looking back at the ground with your shoulder almost parallel to the ground at the finish).

6. TRX Chest Press (Single Arm)
This is a very simple unilateral horizontal pushing exercise that ends up being a KILLER core exercise as well. You won’t be able to create too much of a body angle here since the core will be the limiting factor. Be sure to keep the hips and shoulders square the entire time while the core fights in an anti-rotation fashion.

7. TRX Single Arm Row
This is just the opposite of the TRX Chest Press (Single Arm). The tendency is to let the hips sag or to let the shoulders rotate as you pull and descend. This takes away from the core emphasis so be sure to keep the torso movement to a minimum throughout the entire exercise.

8. TRX High Row to TRX W Deltoid Fly to TRX Super Fly Combo
This is a face pull, W and hug combo move that we use a lot as a pre-hab exercise combination for our overhead athletes such as throwers, volleyball players, swimmers, etc. Remember that since there are really four actual reps as you move through this combo, you need to keep the total number of rounds to a minimum. I would say not more than four to five reps through this cycle per set.

9. TRX Power Push-up (with Clap)
This is a simple variation of a plyometric push-up. The feet in the TRX not only creates more load on the upper body and taxes the core, but the instability of the straps makes for a more challenging push-up variation.

10. TRX Burpee
This is shown with the beginner burpee (the foot that is NOT in the TRX is allowed to touch the floor). In the more advanced version, you will try to keep that foot OFF the ground as you move toward the ground with the leg in the TRX, taking all the load of that position. As you rise up to jump, the free leg will plant and drive into the explosive portion.

11. TRX Chest Press (with Hop)
This is another full body exercise as we get an elevated push-up along with some very difficult core stabilization upon landing. Start with your feet wider than your hips and think about pushing not only with your upper body but also pushing as hard into the ground with your feet to create greater lift as you explode in the push-up. The landing will force a LOT of core demands for stabilization.

12. TRX Overhead Back Extension
This is a great warm up movement that targets the ENTIRE posterior chain. To create greater load, move the feet forward and hinge at the hips, trying to sink them to the ground as the arms and trunk move forward on the descent. Explode up, making sure to engage virtually every posterior chain muscle group from the glutes all the way through the shoulders.

13. TRX Elevated Row
I had to include this one as it really is a favorite of mine. I like to emphasize the hinging of the hips to not only create a greater stretch but to force a more explosive pulling motion. I also like the angle of pull in this horizontal pulling exercise as it is very different than a standard TRX Row.

You can integrate these moves individually into your existing program or perform them all together as your new “Coach Dos Workout.”

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Coach Robert dos Remedios (http://www.coachdos.com) has been involved in strength and conditioning for over 20 years. After completing his competitive football career at the University of California, Berkeley in 1988, he began training athletes on a full time basis. Coach Dos serves as Director of Speed, Strength and Conditioning at College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, California.

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