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Coaching and Training are NOT the Same….

Coaching and Training are NOT the Same….
How to move from being a”Trainer” to a “Coach”

Gues post Fred Zoller



Sometimes in life you have to admit your weaknesses in order to change for the better and move in the right direction.


This was the big “AAAHAAAA” moment in my career.


I began young as a trainer in a box club really not knowing much other than working out on my own as an amateur bodybuilder.


That became my training philosophy.


I was not very successful.


Fast-forward almost 5 years when the light went off. I knew there had to be more to this than what I was doing.


I quickly realized people thought they were actually coming to me for advice on training, workout programs and diets. In there minds they were.


But as you know, the perfect “fitness plan” is useless unless you can get someone to do it.


Getting someone to do something they would not do on his or her own is where coaching takes place. Even more than that, you need them to believe in you, trust you, and ultimately believe in themselves.


Not just the hour you are training them but everyday encompassing their entire lives.


With this said, Coaching becomes a skill that requires much more than exercises, sets, reps and nutrition. Not that all of this is not good and necessary but without the skills to really impact someone’s life and do it genuinely and with unmistakable passion, change is scarce or short lived.


This is a great skill and in my opining one of the greatest jobs in the world with the most responsibility.


The ability to change a life for the better is unmatched.


So, how do you do it? Begin with mastering your own life. It is easy for me to tell the difference between a coach and a trainer.


It’s the entire system they use to deliver high quality experiences, life altering information forcing transformation and forced results!


“When the success of your client becomes more important than your own, you are a coach.”


Not your paycheck.

Not what you think is best.

Not your personal success.

Not your facility success.

Not your opinions.


Your client’s success. That’s it.


What does this great life changing system look like?


  • Understanding and believing that coaching is the best job on the planet.
  • Top notch training
  • The Psychology of training
  • The amazing delivery
  • Forced Results


You see, when all of these methods are in place, the effect it has on your clients is forced results. Its and atmosphere that not only cultivates change in people including yourself, it forces the outcome to be great.


Private or large group matters not, each individual believes that they are the most important person in the world to you at that moment.


And they are.


I sum up my coaching this way and I believe this with every fiber of my being:


My client’s goals become my goals and their results become my results.


When they fall short, I feel the pain with them.


When they fail, I fail.


When this happens to you, you have become a great coach.


To your success,

Coach Fred


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