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Coaching For The Fitness Business +The Bootcamp Enterprise

Podcast  Coaching For The Fitness Business +The Bootcamp Enterprise
In this episode we talk about coaching, both in terms of coaching by personal trainers for clients and coaching for the trainers to help them advance their business.

The Bootcamp Enterprise
The first 25 trainers to hop on the Enterprise get both The 90 Day Fitness Business Jump Start +
The Boot Camp Business Enterprise
You are going to get access to EVERYTHING YOU need as a bootcamp owner/fitness business owner and then some…
From coaching calls with me and Jesse ,to done-for- you marketing, done -for -workout programs and more…
What it comes down to are these eight crucial pieces of your business:
1.    Setting up your business the right way. Hint: don’t get stuck in “amateur mode.”
2.    Picking the right locations — do this right and you’ll save a ton of money.
3.    Programming/Workouts – these days we have a proven template we use which makes programming a snap. If you ever freak out about workouts, then you’ll want to take a look our “plug and play” systems.
4.    Marketing – only about 1% of trainers nail this part. Do you? You will with our done for you marketing program:)
5.    Sales – close more of these, and you’ll have more money. Pretty simple on paper. (But most trainers aren’t doing it right – maybe you’re making the same mistakes?)
6.    Backend business systems – this is where you optimize and automate your business so you can make more money while working fewer hours. Sounds good, right?
7.    Finding and hiring good trainers. We’ve found the best source – and I bet it will totally surprise you.
8.    Expansion and market domination. Making money is good. Building a thriving business is even better.
If you want more money and clients plus every training and tool you need, then do yourself a favor and check out that link right now.
..the first 25 trainers to get onboard the Bootcamp Enterprise get coaching AND access to the full member portal for a 1 time payment only!
So whether you are just starting out or want to grow your existing business…
This is your 1-stop shop for your Bootcamp and Business …we left no stone unturned...we developed this so that even the smallest fitness businesses can have access to business coaching
and enjoy the opportunity to learn the necessary components of building a great business.So grab your spot where you can grab all the training,coaching and done for you tools for a 1 time payment….
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