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Complete Metabolic Training-Phrase 1(PDF)

Complete Metabolic Training


Have you heard of bootcamp trainer Tyler English? 

And, when it comes to metabolic training there’s simply nobody better at.  Tyler’s programs WILL get your clients into the best shape of their lives!

Tyler is FINALLY pulling back the curtain on the program design that he uses at Tyler English Fitness in his new program Complete Metabolic Training


Complete Metabolic Training comes with 4 months of done-for-you training programs (up to 5 days/week!) and a library of over 100 exercise videos detailing every movement.


Get all the details HERE  


By the way, Complete Metabolic Training is HALF PRICE this week!


If you’re running any kind of group personal training program (boot camp, semi-private training) I’d be all over this!


See what I mean HERE but first grab the Free Downloads from Tyler

Complete Metabolic Training-Phrase 1 A and B PDF’s below:

Complete Metabolic Training – Phase 1 – Metabolic A

complete metabolic training – phase 1 – metabolic b(1)




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