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CORE STATICS CIRCUIT: 5 MINUTE ABS (videos & exercise options)


By Sarah Rippel, Author of “Build ‘N Burn”


I am a big believer in mastering the basic static holds before moving on to more dynamic variations that challenge these positions. Statics teach body awareness, core control, and total body engagement. You simply cannot go wrong with mastering the basics!


For the sake of driving the point home that the strength of one’s limbs is irrelevant if their core musculature is weak, I am calling these “Core Statics.”


I use static holds with all my clients in some manner. They are great as part of warm-ups, strength circuits, & in conditioning work!



Here’s a basic core-focused circuit using 5 static positions:


  1. Arch Body Hold
  2. Hollow Body Hold
  3. Glute Bridge Hold
  4. Side Plank Hold
  5. High Plank Hold



This circuit uses a 10 second work interval paired with a five second rest interval. When the timer starts, you will perform four rounds of the first exercise using this interval before moving on to the second exercise.


I chose this short work interval to emphasize quality while holding each position. In my opinion, it is better to perform four 10-second holds with impeccable precision than one 40-second hold done sloppily. The five-second breaks inject just enough of a rest between intervals that form can be maintained.


These basic positions can be tweaked to suit your level! The possibilities for creating new variations that challenge the basic positions are endless.


One round of this circuit takes five minutes. My groups performed one round immediately following their warm-up circuit, but 2-3 rounds is also an option.


In the video, I am performing a basic arch body hold, hollow body hold, 1-leg bridge, an iso pull with the Ultimate Sandbag on my side planks, & a planche lean for the high plank.


Here are some options for tweaking the basic positions:

  1. Arch Body Hold–> Arch Rock (https://youtu.be/HXUSWJJF7w8)
  2. Tuck Hold (https://youtu.be/fM5VFQQF3PY) –>Tuck Hold + Arm Pumps
    (https://youtu.be/Sw5ySN6jIkE) –> Hybrid Hollow Hold (https://youtu.be/C–1KhNza2U)–> Hybrid Hollow Hold + Arm Pumps (https://youtu.be/BlruxKonuiE)
  3. 2-Leg Bridge Hold –> Marching Bridge (https://youtu.be/Ubg9oXuUK6Q) –>1-Leg Bridge Hold
  4. Side Plank Hold (bottom knee bent) (https://youtu.be/Nn5I7TsXoxA)–>Side Plank Hold (straight legs) (https://youtu.be/GAGwTl1T6Qs) –>Side Plank Iso Pull –>Star Side Plank (https://youtu.be/ITewvjW-ZTs)
  5. High Plank Hold (hands on low step) –>High Plank Hold –>High Plank Hold (feet on low step) –> Planche Lean


You will be surprised at how challenging this “simple” circuit can become!


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