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Creating Successful Fitness Bootcamps

Creating Successful Fitness Bootcamps
by Josh Henkin in Ultimate Sandbag Training Blog

The industry is evolving, partly due to the problems in the economy and partly because even the best coaches can wear down after years of working very long hours. That is why group based fitness programs are growing and growing. Think of it as a win-win situation for both clients and coach. Let’s face it the more times people can have contact time with their coach the better results they should attain. However, often finances can be a big obstacle for people to actually achieve this. Yet, better results not only are the goal of every person, it helps both with the inspiration with the individual and the business of the coach.

Enough talk! I pulled an expert, Troy Anderson, in to help with how to create and make really amazing fitness bootcamps. Watch these two videos now!

How to Start

Effective Bootcamps in Action

Josh HenkinStrength Coach, Josh Henkin, is the creator of the Ultimate Sandbag and L.I.F.T. training certification. He has lectured at national and international conferences.

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3 comments on “Creating Successful Fitness Bootcamps

That was great information. Thank you for sharing it and I will most definately implement what you have showed us! Good Stuff! 😉


Yeah I could imagine having like a community bootcamp. That could be pretty cool.


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