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CST Bodyweight Workout

CST Bodyweight Workout – How to beat fat “inch by inch”

By Adam Steer

of Bodyweight Blueprint


This time we’re featuring another full workout that you can do anytime and in any open space.  If you are an experienced fitness enthusiast, this innovative arrangement of Circular Strength Training® bodyweight exercises is just what you need to break out of humdrum exercise routine and have some fun in the great outdoors.

The whole workout can be done in about 20 minutes, including warm-up and cool-down.  And it is a great fat burner.  It works your entire body in concerted effort and creates a “metabolic disturbance” that will keep you burning fat for hours, even after you stop exercising.

The components are the CST Inchworm (which you’ll discover in the video), the CST Quad Squat and the CST Trinity Jump Squat

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