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Do They Know You? Do They Like You? Do They Love You?


Do They Know You? Do They Like You? Do They Love You?




The foundation of a bootcamp is people, right? The more people that attend your bootcamp, the more money you make. But, how do you get more people in your bootcamp? I think I may have the answer…




The first step is asking yourself this question:


#1 Do people even know that this bootcamp exists?


Maybe you are the only guy in town, but odds are, there are tons of bootcamps, classes and trainers that you compete with. I believe the fastest way to get people to know about you and your fitness business is to meet more people. If your 10 friends and 15 clients are the only ones that know about your camps, then you need to get out there and meet more people.


Homework: Make a list of 20 local businesses that are in your area. Healthy restaurants, bike shops, race coordinators, high school coaches, doctors, therapists, etc, etc. Write that list down and introduce yourself to them this month. 20 businesses in 30 days.


The next step is to develop those relationships and get them to like you.


#2 Do people like you and your bootcamp?


What do you think makes people like you and your camp? I believe that putting other people first is the foundation of your success as a trainer. This may sound simple, but I know that most of us fumble and could do a better job of this during our sessions and in our professional relationships.


Say you go meet those 20 new businesses. What is your approach? What do you say? Do you talk about yourself the whole time or ask questions about them and find ways to help them grow their business? Lots of trainers make the mistake of simply dropping off cards and walking out the door, but that will never stir up a consistent flow of leads for you.


Homework: Develop a simple 20-30 sec pitch that explains your biz and how you’re different from the masses. You will need this when you meet people, but then FOCUS ON THEM. Ask questions about their business and get to know them as individuals. How is business, who is their client, how long they have been in town, etc, etc.


People love to talk about themselves, so let them, gather information and be truly interested in helping them out.




The final stage is to give so much, that people fall in love with you and your services.


#3 Do people love your bootcamp?


People may know about your camps or have heard your name mentioned, but is there emotion behind it? Getting people to love your camps is all about over delivering and being people focused. You have to make people feel like a million bucks and prove to them that you are a man of your word.


If you meet a new business owner that you really like, send someone their way that needs their help. This is a win win situation. The client loves you because you helped them find a solution to their problem. The business owner loves you because you are helping them build their business. Think about it…how would you feel if someone you just met sent you a referral?


Homework: Once you meet someone and learn about their business, try and think of 3-5 people that they should meet. Maybe it’s someone that works in their industry or that needs their service, but the goal is to introduce them to someone that would add value to their business or life. Once you have those people in mind, you can do email introductions, exchange information or introduce them in person.



Fitness is a people business and word of mouth travels fast. As you become the guy that helps everyone else out, then people will start talking about you enthusiastically and you will develop a steady flow of leads, customers and loyal fans that last for years.


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