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The Holiday Season is right around the corner.

There’s football on TV, Halloween candy to stock up on, costumes to buy and Thanksgiving to start planning for.

A lot of our boot camp clients turn their attention away from exercise in favor of other activities – like eating, drinking and parties with family and friends.

There’s no need to put on a bikini.

There’s no need to be lean.

There’s no reason to get up early to come to boot camp.

They don’t need us anymore (or so they may think).

So attendance begins to drop.

As a boot camp trainer, it’s easy to fall into the trap of accepting this and waiting until January for a new surge of clients.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s just a matter of making things fun.

A shift in mindset.

It’s just a matter of saying to our clients “I know it’s the Holiday time of year and it’s tempting to slack off but exercise is still important.  So let’s focus on fun workouts throughout the Holidays and then we’ll ramp things up again in January

That takes a lot of pressure off of your clients who may not come to class because they feel that they have to be their leanest.

Or those who feel they have to break performance records at every workout.

After all, the Holidays are probably not the time to be the leanest version of yourself but you still need exercise – especially during the fast paced, stressful Holiday Season.

So you focus on FUN.

Oh, this doesn’t mean that you still won’t kick some boot camp client butt.

But you focus more on FUN –during the warm up, during the dynamic warm up and during the main activity.

Yes, there may be more “scientific” ways to perform the boot camp warm up and the main activity.


And yes, there may be boot camp exercises that could be slightly more effective at burning calories, but, if your boot campers hate them, are burned out and quit during the Holidays what’s the point of doing them?


Most of us want to look and feel great while at the same time get the most out of the Holidays.

 And the more fun we can have along the way, the better.


So let your boot camp clients know that you haven’t given up on using the words “fun” and “workout” in the same sentence.

Let them know that you’re focusing on FUN while blasting those calories.


Because for most, exercise translates to drudgery.


And, for most, the mission is simply to get it over with as quickly as humanly possible.


Did you know that according to American Sports Data, 93% of Americans believe exercise will improve their lives, but only 15% can bring themselves to join a gym?


You already know why.


So introduce your clients to some Holiday fun.


They’ll love the distraction.




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