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Do You USE ‘PODS’ At Your Bootcamp? (Stations with a Twist)

DO YOU USE PODS AT YOUR BOOTCAMP? (Stations with a Twist)

by Rafael Moret, Author of the Trans4mation Bootcamp System and The Bootcamp 5 New Circuits System



Want to kick up the calorie burn and keep your bootcamp members engaged with a little variety that goes further than another PR or some kind of “cardio”machine that they don’t really need a coach to walk them through?


At THE WORKOUT we like to use PODS


What is a POD?


  1. an elongated seed vessel of a leguminous plant such as the pea, splitting open on both sides when ripe.
  2. a detachable or self-contained unit on an aircraft, spacecraft, vehicle, or vessel, having a particular function.


Normally a lot of group workouts or Bootcamps have stations set up with exercise. Bootcamp Instructors or Group Ex Coaches have the participants perform the move at that station and then rotate to the next one using either a rep based method or timed intervals.


Sometime Coaches kick it up a not and try to Super Set some of the stations. A superset is a form of strength training in which you move quickly from one exercise to a separate exercise without taking a break for rest in between the two exercises. Typically, you will take a brief break to catch your breath or grab a drink of water between sets of an exercise


After I wrote the 12 Month Periodization System ( a 12 month done for you Periodized workout program to implement in your bootcamp) I realized that implementing some other techniques from “traditional” gym workouts might work.


I thought maybe we can try Giant Sets. A Giant Set is a super superset. It is a combination of two or three moves that either work the same bodypart or opposing muscle groups, and the exercises are done back to back with no rest in between.


I call them PODS at our gym because I can get 2-5 people in each self contained station performing the Giant Set. Using these PODS in our class has exposed our clients to what’s possible when you get out of the linear way of doing things or traditional bootcamp stations, and has shown them we can really kick up the calorie burn by incorporating Giant Sets like this


Now depending on how you run your class and format your programming, you can use a rep based approach but we prefer to time the moves and the circuits. It gives us more control of the tempo, the time per exercise and pods and allows multiple levels of fitness to join the same workout.


Below is a Monday thru Friday Program using PODS

You can use a 30:30, or  35:15 or even a 40:20 Work:Rest Tempo

And depending on the length of your class you can have your Bootcampers go through each pod 1 or 2 times.


Insert your favorite warm up and cool down to these pods and see how much you can get done in just 1 workout

note: exercises can be substituted out to fit your and/or your clients needs.Circuits/exercises below are examples of various possible scenarios.




5 moves per POD

POD #1.

Squat and Row


Incline DB Press

Flat Bench Fly

Incline DB Tricep Ext


POD #2

DB Side Lateral

DB Bent Over Fly

DB Alt Curl

Push Up

Mountain Climber


POD #3

Toe Tap on Box

Suspension Rows

Suspension T’s

Wall Squat

Walking Lunges


POD #4

KB Upright Rows

KB Alt Swing

KB Single Arm Rows

KB Single Arm Rows

KB Squat




5 moves per POD

POD #1

Band Kick backs

Band Chest Press

Band Rows Palms Up

Slam Ball

Ball Overhead Tricep


POD #2

DB Alt Arm Shoulder Press

DB Deadlift

DB Hammer Curl

Push Up on Bosu

Mountain Climber on Bosu


POD #3

Jump Rope

Suspension Triceps

Suspension Curls

Squat Jumps

Side Lunges


POD #4

KB Diagonal Chop

KB Diagonal Chop

KB Single Arm Press

KB Single Arm Press

KB Squat and Press




5 moves per POD

POD #1

Leg Raises

X Body Mountain Climber

Lunges with Resistance

DB Rows

Alt DB Rows



POD #2

Bicycle Crunches

Jumping Jacks

Squat With A heel raise

DB OH Press

DB Alt OH Press



POD #3


Floor Jacks

KB Swing

KB Alt Arm Swing

Band Fwd Tricep


POD #4


Bridge feet on BOSU

Rows on Strap from Floor

Frog Jump

Suspension Strap Super Man





5 moves per POD

POD #1

Jump Rope

Step Ups

Strap Push Up

Strap Alt Push Up

Suspension Strap Twist


POD #2

KB Stiff leg deadlift

KB Single Arm Swing

KB Single Arm Swing

Band Alt Rows

Band Curls


.POD #3

Step Ups

Split Squat

DB Chest Press

Split Squat

Pull Ups The Rack


POD #4

Seated Shoulder Press on Stability Ball

Bosu Crunches

Bosu Single Leg Lunges

Bosu Single Leg Lunges

Ab Wheel




4 moves per POD


POD #1

#1. Wall squat w/ plate driving the bus

#2. Ab wheel

#3. Band push down

#4. Overhead KB tricep extension


POD #2

#1. Pulsing squat w/ KB

#2. Alt Leg forward lunges w/ KB

#3. Alt Leg side lunges w/ KB

#4. Alt arm KB swing


POD #3


#1. Front raise

#2. Shoulder circles

#3. Full overhead laterals

# 4. Squat jumps into overhead press with DB




Rafael Moret Bootcamp Instructor,Fit Ranx instructor and Owner South Florida Fitness Bootcamp

Author of The Bootcamp Periodization System 

AND The Trans4mation Bootcamp System




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