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Do Your Clients Know How Much Work You Do?

Do Your Clients Know How Much Work You Do?

 by Ben London

With the relentless over exposure different fitness industry training courses offer in the commercial media advertising how “easy” it is to own your own business in the industry, the general public could assume that you became accredited by simply attending an eight week course and voila, you’re a personal trainer or group fitness instructor.


You and I both know that statement couldn’t be farther from the truth, however it’s up to you to let your potential and existing clients understand that you are a fitness professional and not just another ‘qualified’ fitness instructor.


If you’re like most instructors, you’re constantly increasing your knowledge through workshops, books, seminars and other types of formal training.


You yourself are or were an athlete of some description or in the very least an avid gym goer. You are always up to date with new fitness equipment coming out, the latest fad diets and exercises via the internet, TV and magazines and you have probably tried most of the sports supplements on the market. So why should your personal training clients know that you do this?


Your clients are what we describe as general population and they see the same things on TV and hear the same things on the radio that we do. However most of the times don’t question it or at worst, they buy into it, even though the new ‘secret’ may be contradictory to their specific goals. You may even find that your clients, even though you have prepared a plan for them are sneaking these ‘magic pills’ that come around every other week.


How do you keep your personal training clients informed by what you’re doing?


Prepare a monthly newsletter for your clients detailing what you have done, observed or leared over the past period and explain how this could benefit or not benefit them. For example; you took a personal training workshop on core exercise.


This is going to benefit your clients this way because you are going to initiate some of the exercises into their revised programs. Or, you saw a new easy results promising product in the supermarket and after some research this is why it won’t or could be of assistance to your clients. The newsletter doesn’t have to be a full colour glossy publication, just a short, point form information sheet.


Whether they read it or not is up to them, though I guarantee it will improve your value, your business and you will stand out from your competition.


Something so simple to produce, with information you will already have floating around your head, keeps your personal training clients involved, informed and most importantly, coming back.




Ben London is the author of the popular personal training and fitness marketing blog; My Business Is Fitness.com. Ben specializes in innovative marketing and promotion ideas as well as offering effective solutions for utilizing social media to develop fitness businesses based on 15 years experience within the industry.http://mybusinessisfitness.com

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2 comments on “Do Your Clients Know How Much Work You Do?

Fantastic! Thank you for posting my guest article!

Ben London


You are welcome ..Hope to see more from you!


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