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Enhance Your Fitness Boot Camps with Nutrition Expertise

Enhance Your Fitness Boot Camps with Nutrition Expertise

By Casey Kaldal

Fitness Boot CampCertified nutrition expertise doesn’t just help grow your personal trainer business client base. Your fitness boot camp business can benefit from nutrition expertise as well. Unless you’d rather get out the elephant costume and wave at cars again, try hiring a certified nutritionist for your fitness boot camp staff.

It beats sweating under all that fake fur and pink tutu, not to mention the blow to your ego and your personal trainer business credibility.

Fitness boot camps come in any number of shapes and sizes, but the overall goal tends to remain the same. Clients can enroll in your fitness boot camp and achieve their difficult fitness goals in record time. They do this with concentrated effort and your expert help. Focus, achieve, and win the prize – a fitter, healthier, sexier body.

Nutrition expertise from your certified nutrition specialist can help clients win the fitness race that much faster.

Qualifications Win the Race

Clients are looking for results, not elephants in pink tutus. Without results, your fitness boot camp service is a waste of clients’ hard-earned cash. Clients enter into a business arrangement with a fitness boot camp instructor with the expectation that they will achieve their fitness goals. This is why you can assume that potential clients looking to pay for fitness boot camp services are likely to be swayed by qualifications and a great personality.

With this in mind, a certified nutritionist might be just the ammunition your fitness boot camp marketing strategy needs to kick the competitor’s butt.

Fitness Boot Camp Marketing Strategies that Win the Competition

Kicking your fitness boot camp competitor’s butt in the marketplace is about winning market share. It’s not much different from competitive sports. Technique, practice, drive, some amount of natural talent, and sometimes a touch of finesse are what it takes to win in the business world. 

There are tons of potential clients out there comparing your services with those offered by other personal trainers. Let’s face it: personal training business services are expensive. People struggle to afford you.

Yet, people need help meeting their fitness goals, and they’re willing to pay for it, even if it’s a struggle to afford the service. This is because meeting fitness goals is often more of a struggle. The trick is to get them to pay for your services instead of your competitor’s services. That’s winning market share.

And winning is a good thing.

How a Certified Nutritionist Can Help Win Fitness Boot Camp Market Share

Clients enrolling in fitness boot camps only have so much time on their hands. They want to squeeze their fitness goals into their busy schedules. As a result, they’re looking for guaranteed results.

No fitness boot camp instructor can guarantee results to his or her clients, because the client still has to follow your advice. But one thing you can do is demonstrate qualifications.

Clients don’t have much to go on when selecting a fitness instructor to help them meet their goals. Word-of-mouth advertising goes a long way, because clients believe what their friends and family members tell them. But how do you reach the clients who haven’t heard of you? How do you convince them to hire you instead of your competitor?

If you can show documented proof that you have more qualifications than your competitor has, they may be more likely to believe you can help them. A certified nutritionist might be just the edge you need to convince those potential clients that you’re the better option on the market.

In the End, It’s Still About Results

There’s a reason that nutritionist certification wins you market share. Clients believe you can better help them achieve your goals. That’s because you can better serve them. Sports nutrition gets clients to their goals faster. Record client success stories and use them in your future fitness boot camp marketing campaign.


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