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Fat Burning Jump Rope Workout

Forget Long Slow Cardio – Try This Jump Rope Workout

by  Nia Shanks

By far one of my favorite workout tools is a jump rope. You can take it anywhere you go (that is one of the main reasons I love jump rope workouts), and it provides benefits beyond conditioning such as improving hand and eye coordination.

If you have never incorporated jumping rope in your workout routine, I highly suggest you give it a try. Here is the easiest way to incorporate the jump rope: replace it with your traditional cardio workouts.

If, for example, you spend time on an elliptical, bike, or treadmill, take that time to perform jump rope intervals instead. The great thing about intervals: you can get a lot more accomplished in a lot less time.

Here is a sample jump rope interval workout:

-Jump rope x 30 seconds

-Rest 60 seconds

-Repeat 9 more times

If you haven’t jumped rope in a while, this is going to be harder than you think. Start out doing a standard jump with both feet simultaneously, and later try to hop on each foot individually, and alternate feet.

There are several different foot pattern variations you can use:

            -hop forward

            -hop backward

            -alternate hop forward and backward

            -hop on one foot

            -alternate feet

            -hops side to side

            -high knees, etc

Perform that interval workout three times per week, and here is a great progression to follow:

Week Two: decrease the rest period to 50 seconds and perform 10 rounds

Week Three: decrease the rest period to 40 seconds and perform 10 rounds

Week Four: decrease the rest period to 30 seconds and perform 10 rounds

That is a simple progression that will allow you to keep getting results.

Another great way to incorporate the jump rope is to include in bodyweight circuits. Once again, use this sample workout to replace your traditional cardio routine and perform the circuit three times per week.

Sample Jump Rope Workout Two:

-Jump Rope x 1 minute

-Bodyweight squats x 20

-Push ups x 15

-Inverted Row x 15

-Jump Rope x 1 minute

-Reverse Lunges x 10 each leg

-Mountain Climbers x 15 each leg

Perform that circuit without resting. After you complete the final exercise (in this case – mountain climbers) rest for two minutes and then repeat the circuit two to four more times.

Be prepared: this workout is tougher than it sounds!

Weekly Progressions:

Week Two: decrease the rest period to 105 seconds

Week Three: decrease the rest period to 90 seconds

Week Four: decrease the rest period to 75 seconds

If you use one or both of those sample workouts in place of your traditional cardio (or even just add it into your current strength training program) you will see some great fat loss results.

Furthermore, these sample workouts will do so much more for your physique in a lot less time than long, slow, boring cardio could ever do.

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