FBIC Podcast: Dave “The Band Man” Schmitz of Resistance Band Training

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Fitness Bootcamp/Business Podcast-Episode 9 with
Dave “The Band Man” Schmitz of Resistance Band Training



In this episode the two seasoned vets interview Dave “The Band Man” Schmitz of Resistance Band Training, a true pioneer of the new wave in the fitness industry. Husband, Father, Phyiscal Therapist, Fitness Coach and Entrepreneur, and National Expert on Resistance Band Training, from Milwaukee, WI.

“Growing up on rural dairy farm, little did I know that all the time I spent as a young athlete in the back yard doing wind sprints, up-downs, jump squats and catching footballs I was throwing to myself was really a foreshadowing of where my life was about to take me. I loved sports but more importantly, I loved watching and learn why some athletes could do what others couldn’t. ‘

‘So I set out on my journey that took me from an average High school athlete, to graduating with a Physical Therapy and Athletic Training Degree, to rehabbing 1000’s of injuries, to starting my own Performance Enhancement company, to becoming an expert in Reactive Resistance Band Training (RBT) and perfecting a training system that trains the body to reactively and instinctively do things that others said wouldn’t happen.”

Jesse Stoddard, fitness boot camp business coach, personal trainer, and author featured in CNN Money, along with the well-known and highly regarded fitness expert Georgette Pann, owner of NutriFitness Bootcamps, the founder of Sure Victory Fitness Bootcamp Club, and creator of the famous Sure Victory Boot Camp Business in a Box program, host this discussion about the business, along with exclusive interviews with fitness experts and trainers who run successful fitness boot camp companies to discover why some personal trainers fail and others succeed.


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